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Bodyweight Transformation Contest Results Are In

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:02pm

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Yesterday I announced the winners of the first ever Bodyweight Transformation Contest that I ran through my free online community devoted to fans of home exercise and bodyweight training – Home Workout Exercises.

To be honest, I was stewing over these entries. I’ve had so many tough entries to sift through that selecting the 3 winners of each category was just too hard.

So first up, congrats if you finished the program. That alone is worth celebrating and you should be proud of yourself!

The winners didn’t just come from those who lost the most amount of cm or inches.

I took into account the percentage you lost from your starting spot and also your essay. The ones who really made the life change got bonus points and I’ll share with you some lines from each of the winners.

As you may recall I split the contest into 2 categories.

1) Those that train with me here in Sydney

2) those who are anywhere in the world doing only the bodyweight training

Now to be honest, the online category was the hardest by far to judge.

Call me a softie but it was way too hard to narrow it down to just 1st, 2nd and 3rd so I’ve got multiple placings.

To refresh your mind here are the prizes:

* 1st Prize will be a brand new FLIP video camera PLUS any money that is added to the pot.

* You will also get a phone call from me (up to 60 min) where we can plan your continued
roadmap to success

* 2nd prize is a phone call with me to continue your success plan

* 3rd Prize is a food diary review

Now onto the winners:

1) Clients training with me:
FIRST PRIZE: Amanda Lee lost a total of 34% when combining all measurements – amazing! Congrats Amanda, you really nailed it!

Amanda’s Story:
I am extremely happy with my results from the 8 week body weight challenge. I thought that the reminder emails each week with diet tips helped me to stay on track and stay motivated.

I have tried with no success to shift some weight that I gained towards the end of last year.
I took on board the diet tips provided in the program which have really helped me to loose weight from around my waist and I can now fit back into my clothes in my wardrobe and also a dress my partner brought me for xmas last year when I refused to buy the bigger size and acknowledge my weight gain.

I think that the combination of gluten free diet and back to basics food (ie nothing from a packet) made up from fruit, vegetables and meat makes sense.

The workouts provided each week were challenging and the benefits could be felt in the following days of the workout.

Thankyou Dan for your program and motivation each week- and for designing workouts that actually work!

2nd PRIZE: Steve Gibson

Equal 3rd PRIZE: Sarah Goddard-Jones

Equal 3rd PRIZE: Sara Mulholland

well done all!

2) Online Bodyweight Training clients

FIRST PRIZE: Therese Walsh – an amazing 33% total loss from all the measurements (with only a smaller frame to start with that’s sensational!)

Therese’s story is also worth reading. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Therese’s story:
At the beginning of the challenge, I was constantly exhausted due to working full time and studying part time. Consequently I didn’t often make time for myself to exercise. The less exercise I did, the worse I felt, the more exhausted I became, and the vicious cycle continued.

I began my challenge with the expectation that I /could /change myself if I just made the time to exercise and to prepare healthy meals.

I was familiar with the basic exercises (eg. pushups) but the variations (eg. diamond pushups) were a killer! It was great to constantly challenge my body.

In week 3, a dear friend of mine was hospitalised with a severe illness, and I made the conscious decision to spend as much of the next few weeks with them as possible. It was a challenge to keep up the meals amidst full time work and hospital visits. Exercise was usually squeezed in whenever I had a spare 10 minutes.

However I am still extremely chuffed at the results of my 8 week challenge. I am most pleased about losing the “belly bloat”, and I’m going to continue to work on my lower half, which is notoriously stubborn and budged only a little bit by the end of the 8 week challenge.

Thanks Daniel for allowing me to be a part of the transformation challenge!


Equal 2nd PRIZE: Sabrina Wong

Equal 2nd PRIZE: Lize Strahan

Equal 3rd PRIZE: Kristi Simpson

Equal 3rd PRIZE: Angela Morrison

Equal 3rd PRIZE: Maureen Wong

Equal 3rd PRIZE: Fiona Ries

Equal 3rd PRIZE: Ginny McDonald

Yes 2nd and 3rd were very hard to split. There were another couple who could’ve scraped in but all of you nailed it!

For the winners I’ll be in touch tomorrow about arranging your prizes.

For the prize money I’ll be working out how much is left in the kitty and will be splitting it between Amanda and Therese.

It’s not a motza (which is a good thing cause it means that most people stuck to the contest!) but its better than a kick in the teeth!

So congrats to the winners – you are all awesome.

And for those still wanting to continue I’ve got something up my sleeve for you soon. Stay tuned…

So that’s pretty impressive isn’t it?

If you like the sound of these types of contests, I will be running another one of these VERY soon.

Just come on over and join the FREE online community for fans for bodyweight training over at

You can even download a free 6 week bodyweight workout to get you started.

See you over there

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