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Bodyweight Exercises For Legs: The Leg Blaster

Posted Aug 31 2009 11:21pm
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The Leg Blaster is one of the great bodyweight exercises that really target your hamstrings, glutes, calf muscles, quads and even your abs.

Not bad without using any piece of equipment right?

This is your perfect at home exercise or even on the road during your hotel room workout.

This is just a taste of what you get when you join my FREE Home Workout Exercises Online Community. I created this website so likeminded fans of bodyweight training have a place to go and ask their questions about fat loss and bodyweight exercises and whatever’s on their mind regarding home exercise routines.

There is a section of videos from myself and other trainers from around the globe as well as a blog section with the latest articles that are going to benefit your training.

You can also download your free 6 week bodyweight workout that is perfect for the beginner or somone who hasn’t trained in a while.

in access to workout routines, videos, community forum and blog posts from fat loss experts from around the globe.

You can also download your FREE 6 week bodyweight workout program


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