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Body wieght

Posted Mar 06 2008 1:54pm 6 Comments

Sometimes its confussing to know what is an ideal body wieght - I recently read about "Body Mass Index" or BMI. This is calculated by a formula using hieght and wieght.

Multiply your weight times 703

Divide this by your hieght in inches

Divide this by you hieght in inches also ---->

This is you BMI - It should be in the low twenties unless you are over 65 then it should be in the mid twenties - Also, a waist measurement taken just below the naval should not be more than 35" for women and 40" for men ==== Bon A Petit --------->

Dale Kelchner

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Thanks for the info Dave!!

Its "Dale" - Thank you for the interet.

Hey I like that picture - Where is it? --------->

Hi Dave,

Although it is confusing to determine 'ideal body weight', you need to be cautious about solely relying on BMI as well. Since BMI takes 'weight' into account, not 'lean mass/fat mass', you could be a short athletic, low body fat person who on the scale, weighs a significant amount, and displays a high Body Mass Index, which would falsely reflect the truth. Knowing not only BMI, but also Body Composition (body fat and lean mass) can help you determine what's best overall. Walter Payton, world class athlete and running back for the Chicago Bears, used to joke about his weight/BMI being 'unhealthy' because the 'charts' said so, however his body fat was less than 10%.

Yes, you are correct - but in general, many people are not sure as to where they should be as far as weight, so the BMI is an "average" to get someone on the right track. Most muscular or well built prople dont need to worry about it anyway -------
Well that's encouraging - I got a good #! :o)
Thats great - Now you have to be sure to keep it that way ------>
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