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Body Image Problems and Difficulty Losing Weight

Posted Nov 10 2012 5:00am

“I can’t stand my body.”

Is this something you’ve said or thought? Well, you’re not alone. Lots and lots of women are dissatisfied with their bodies. Some are dissatisfied with specific parts of their bodies and others are dissatisfied with their body weight.

What have you done about not standing your body? Have you camouflaged what you can’t stand about your body? Did you change your posture or body movements so what you can’t stand won’t be so noticeable? Have you avoided looking at your body whenever you could? Have you been embarrassed in social situations? Has disliking your body given you the motivation to try to lose some weight? Have you noticed that your dissatisfaction with your body affects what you think of yourself too?

Loss of self-esteem, self-consciousness, shaky confidence, downright shame, and other self-limiting feelings can result from not liking your body. These kinds of feelings can interfere with your motivation to do something about your body image. They can even lessen your resolve to lose your unwanted weight because they’ve made you feel no good about yourself.

It can be quite a tangle this “I can’t stand my body” thing.


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