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Bloggers Do Booty Camp

Posted Jun 23 2009 7:07pm

Breakfast was the usual of late, a coffee and a Green Monster


Only difference today would be that I had a little “accident” with my Green Monster at work.  I grabbed it to go and had it only about half finished by the time I got to work and I had my arms so full of stuff that I ended up dropping it and it went flying all over the place – Exhibit A:


It’s bad enough I have to put it in a travel mug so that I don’t have to look at it, but now I had it smeared all over the place like the scene of Ghostbusters meets Ninja turtles :-P  (FYI those bounty paper towels live up to their promise in strength for scrubbing).

Later in the morning I was treated to a tea from Tim’s with milk:


Lunch was some Liberte No Fat Probiotic Svelte strawberry yogurt, raspberries, blackberries and sprinkled with crumbled Artisana Amazon Bliss and with a half of an Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin smeared with some Peanut Butter & Co cinnamon raisin swirl:



Then I had the best iced tea ever at Local Joe’s Cafe & Market.  It was unsweetened but had sooo much yummy flavour!  They even put some blueberries in it:


Before heading out for my Bootycamp debut, I had a banana with some cashew butter and the other half of the english muffin from lunch although I left my camera in the car, so no pic (sorry).

So tonight was our first night of Bootycamp Fitness in Clayton Park.  It was a full house, er I mean, full beach volleyball court.  Yes that’s right, we did our bootycamp in wet sand.  Now while I can appreciate the idea that toughing it out in the sand might actually up the intensity level, which is a good thing, it certainly made it difficult to do things properly.  We did about 394757 different kinds of lunges and by half way through that circuit all I cared about was feeling the burn and not  if I was doing it correctly.  Burning calories and working your body is the main thing, right?

It became obvious to me pretty quick that I hadn’t worked out in a while!  I did get a decent workout out of it and my HRM reported around a 500 calorie burn. 

The best part of the entire thing was the fact that thefiveofus bloggers (and another good friend of mine) got to go together and we laughed through most of it, so it was fun to be able to keep a fun mindset while getting sand in your shoes (among other places!)

The not-so-fun part was the fact that she pulls out a scale for you to be weighed – in public, 7:30 at night and after working out.  Now people, for the years I’ve been doing WIs and for most of it included weekly weigh-ins, I have never ever weighed in unless it was first thing in the morning.  We all know that right?  This morning when I stepped on the scale it read 180.2.  Tonight it read 185.2.  I know all the bla bla facts about why, but I just don’t wanna see that, ya know? Pffffffft.  So basically there’s only one thing I can do about that….. get that number downnnnnn.

So that’s it bloggies, it’s onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


So immediately following our workout, Farm Girl pulled out two luscious containers of her family’s farm fresh berries and shared them with us:





And Lynn & Jaime   brought everyone On The Glo bars that they made the perfect post-working snack and let me just say, they are YUM


And what’s even BETTER is that we got to meet another one of our haliblogger buddy Lex!  OMG she’s so cute!


See?  Look how excited Farm Girl is?! hehehe


IMG_3236_thumb And it was a fun time to give Lynn her memory mug that we all signed for her during our trip to Toronto since it didn’t work out for her to join us and we missed her not being there :-)




Oh yeah and then these two girls driving a Red Bull car pulled up to us wanting to see what we were up to and wanted to give us a free Red Bull and take our picture.  Is it free?  Yup.  Okay sure.  I’m not much for Red Bull and chemical crap, so I didn’t crack it, but I did take it home just in case I’m in need for some extra energy for moving this weekend:



In the car afterward, Farm Girl hooked me up with some almonds which totally satisfied me:


I was actually not hungry at all after the on the glo bar, strawberries and almonds, so when I got home all I had for “supper” was some Mucho Nacho Guiltless Gourmet baked tortilla chips and some roasted red pepper dip:

IMG_3253   IMG_3261   IMG_3262

Not the best way to end the night, but I decided to listen to the hunger.  Plus I’m pretty sure those on the glo bars, strawberries and almonds were a pretty good start.

Looking forward to Thursday ladies :-)

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