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Blog Spotlight… Follow in my Footsteps!

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:02pm

Today is an exciting day!  I really, really love the Spotlight Blog of the week.  It is so much fun introducing you to the peeps we love in this cyber world. 

Our blog spotlight of the day is quite a treat.  Mo is @Footdr69 on twitter and anyone who is on twitter that is working on health and fitness has probably came across her energetic supportive tweets.  I personally think she is one of the coolest chicks ever!  Her energy and sincere caring is contagious.  There is something about her that make you want to try harder and be a better person.  Her blog Follow in my Footsteps is always sure to bring fun and inspiration.  I have always believed that people are placed in our lives for a reason.  Mo is one of those people to me.  She brings out the Super Woman in all of us.

Thank you Dr. Mo for being our friend and always supporting us.  I can’t wait to meet you in person in January on our cruise we are going to have a blast!



Back In The Saddle…..AGAIN!


Ahhhhhhh…….(That’s me exhaling) Ive finally kicked this cold/flu thing that was dragging me down! Now, I’m ready to “Get Back In The Game” and kick my Fitness “Butt” into HIGH GEAR!!! People have always referred to me as a “Workout Machine”. Taking a “FORCED” fitness hiatus made me realize just how much I love the way Living the “Health and Wellness” lifestyle makes me feel!!

Ive decided to go out of 2009 WITH A BANG and enter into 2010 SWINGING!!!! Once I made this decision, I needed to get my FITNESS ARMOR Together! Sooooooo…. what are some of the things that I have in my “Bag of Tricks” To help me reach my goals?!?!? I thought you would never ask!!

First things first……. Being a PODIATRIST, I must have on a Great Pair of comfortable, supportive shoes!! My Shoe of Choice Is A New Balance! My feet are mega flat and kinda wide. I’m also “Pleasantly Plump” and these shoes are some of the best Shock Absorbers around!! (Gotta protect my knees)

Next “Weapon” is my “GoWearFit” (Body Bugg with sleep analysis). My friends @KyraTX and @Fitter_Mandy brought this little gem to my attention. I’m a Total Gadget Girl! This device tells me EVERYTHING I need to know about my calories in vs. my calories out. It also tells me how many steps I take (built in pedometer) and how many calories I need to burn daily to reach my goal by a set date. It also tells me how well I’m sleeping….Or should I say how poorly I’m sleeping! (I’ve averaging 49% on my sleep…NOT GOOD!!) In order for this gadget to be accurate, I must input my daily food items. This brings me to my next gadget.

I keep my daily food and water intake in my “FITBOOK” @Bwjen told me about this awesome, affordable fitness goal “Helper” It is the cutest most complete food/fitness/emotion/goal/measurement tracker out there!!

I “LIVE” for the camaraderie of “Like Minded Individuals” that I find at the gym!! I’m a total “Gym-Rat” like @MizFitOnline and @Chubby_Stubby_K I LOVE to feel the BURN of that last rep to failure!!! I love machines, I love the free-weights, I love the classes (especially spinning, kickboxing, and Zumba)…..Not yoga so much but I’m trying! (Did you hear that Tami?!? @widfirefitness) My gym doesn’t have NIA that @foodiemcbody loves so much but maybe in 2010, it will make an appearance on the roster!! *fingers crossed*

Sometimes, I’m unable to get to the gym. When that happens, or I need a QUICK kick in the booty, I Just Look to my old Pal Jillian Michaels!! Her #30DayShred DVD is NO JOKE!!!!! Just ask @TeeTee_71, @Phatbff, @Pseymour, @Biggestloserlvr, or @Jeepjenn!! They will tell ya!!! SHE WILL MAKE YOU CRY IN 20 MIN…..OR LESS!!!

Of course….My Life is ONE BIG MUSIC VIDEO….. at least in my head! LOL! I always have my ipod on my hip!! One of the artists that Inspires me and Keeps me PUMPED is My girl JANET JACKSON!!!!! I’m ready to take “CONTROL” Of my Life…..THE TIME IS NOW!!!

One “Piece Of Armor” That without which NOTHING, FOR ME, Is POSSIBLE… my BIBLE! I turn to it for STRENGTH….In Good times and the Bad!! People often ask me “How do you stay so happy?”……THIS IS WHY!!!

So that, in a nutshell, is what I’m going to use to take me TO AND THROUGH MY FITNESS GOALS!!! Oh ya…..There is one more “Thing” I need…..That Thing is…..YOU!!! One of THE BEST THINGS TO COME INTO MY FUN FILLED LIFE IS MY TWITTER FAMILY!!! The SUPPORT, MOTIVATION, INSPIRATION, DEDICATION, & LOVE I feel FROM and FOR YOU is truly One of my MOST PRECIOUS BLESSINGS!! Thank You ALL!! From the bottom of my Heart….I LOVE YOU!!!

So please….no matter where you are in your fitness journey….no matter what you’re going through….YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!!!! Let’s LOCK HANDS and REACH OUR GOALS……TOGETHER!!!!! 2010……HERE “WE” COME!!! ;-)

Dr. Mo
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