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BL Tuesdays update and a GREAT new Wii game/workout

Posted Oct 08 2008 11:59am

BL Tuesday Update

BFF and I tried to do a Wii Fit workout before watching The Biggest Loser (BL) on Tuesday nights.  We figured it would be a fun way to get together, workout, and then watch one of our favorite shows.  It didn’t work so well.  The Wii Fit is cool, but it’s really only for one player at a time, and the workout that I tried (some sort of step aerobics/dance, dance revolution combo) didn’t get my heart rate anywhere near where it should be for a true cardio workout.  I told BFF that I probably wouldn’t be joining her for the Wii again, but that we could still watch BL together on Tuesdays.  Last night, I worked out on my own before the show, and arrived at BFF’s house around 8:45 so we could watch the show.  Not exactly the BL Tuesdays that we had planned, but it worked.

Jillian Michaels’ new Wii game/workout!

Then this morning I was reading the WW 100+ pounds to lose message board and read a post about a new game/ workout that Jillian Michaels has coming out for the Wii.  (Watch the video preview for all the details). The workout looks intense, and definitely a strong cardio option.  Also, she (or, her Wii counterpart) becomes your personal trainer, egging you on as only Ms. Michaels can, I’m sure.  The best part is the game is multi-player, so you can do it along with other people.  That’s the best!!!  I’m going online later today to pre-order it from Amazon. 

I’m so happy that our BL Tuesdays can be restored to their original purpose with this new game.  And how cool is it that we can do the Jillian Michaels’ workout right before watching her on tv?  This made my day, I gotta tell you.

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