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Bistro MD Diet Delivery Review

Posted Jul 12 2010 2:00pm

bistro md In my years of dieting I have tried many types of approaches. In the beginning, I was not very knowledgeable in the area of health, so I just thought to starve myself. After taking time to read magazines, books, watch videos, and just talk to people about weight loss I learned I was making numerous mistakes. Once I educated myself on how to eat five to six meals a day every two to three hours apart, it all started to come together.

The problem that many people face is the amount of time needed to prepare, cook, and package their food for the next day. To make things a little more challenging, try accomplishing all that while married with children, working a job, or running business. Our spouses can try to help as much as possible, but in this generation both wife and husband have to rake in the bacon.

So I finally decided to try BistroMD, it is a weight loss company that sells gourmet style prepackaged health foods. I have been eating their food for the past few days and I am impressed with their frozen entrees. My favorite so far would have to be the breakfast meal called “Mixed Berry Crepe.” I have never even heard of a crepe until that early morning, and I must say was I fascinated with my new discovery. I have tried Jenny Craig so I have something to compare BistroMD with, and honestly their frozen products are definitely a step up.

The meals are delicious, considering that these are frozen fat scorching meals right out the box. The frozen foods can be put in the microwave three or four minutes for convenience, but if you have time available you can put it in the oven. The shipping was right on time and packaged neatly in a nice Styrofoam container. Although I noticed the outer cardboard packaging does not have the name of the meal, so therefore you need to pull the box out of the freezer to see what you have. You should be able to open the freezer, see the name on the box, and grab exactly what you want (just a suggestion I am sure they will make that adjustment soon).

As far as the snacks go, they are good but not the type snacks your average person would buy at his or her local grocery store. These are gourmet style snacks so that explains their uniqueness. I enjoyed the bottled protein shack, very quick and easy to use, just add eight ounces of water in the bottle shake it up and you’re done. The snack bars are very flavorful, but they can leave a dry after feeling in your mouth. No biggie, I just ate it with a glass of cold almond milk and it was very appetizing. I could feel the nutrients spreading right away all through my body; it was great after my tough workout.

DR. Phil calls them “The Best Home Meal Delivery Available,” if you are interested you can order online at their website .

bistro md how it works

Disclaimer: Bistro MD sent us this product sample to review, however we are under no obligation to do so nor to make the review positive. This review reflects our personal opinion about this product.

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