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Birthday Gift Goal Update – Week 2

Posted Apr 15 2012 12:00am

My birthday is July 2nd, and what better gift could I give to myself that to reach this goal that’s nearing two years in the making? So from now until then, I’ll be giving Sunday updates/weekend wrap-ups on my progress called Birthday Gift Goal Updates.

What a week! I had the week off for spring break, and had plans to rock big workouts each day, the same way I did when I had the February break . Unfortunately, I never got myself in gear, and I felt very listless and blah the entire week. But I also make some huge strides towards better health in the latter part of the week. So all in all, it was a good week, even if things didn’t go according to plans. Still, I have to believe that everything that is meant to be is what happened.

So I faced the scale this morning, and was up from last week. As you can see from this button, I have 41 lbs to go to make my Birthday Gift Goal. That means I have 79 days, or 12 weeks, to go. I can make it. At my weight, I can easily lose the 3-4 lbs per week that I need to. Because those recommendations that say that safe weight loss is 2 lbs or less per week aren’t talking about people that are 300 lbs. So, relatively speaking, it’s very realistic.

Now this is probably going to be a bit controversial, but after trying this for a year and 8 months, I can use all of the help I can get. So, I contacted my doctor to see if she would give me a prescription for a diet pill that could help with my weight loss. There are several that would help with short-term weight loss, so we’ll see what she says. If she approves it, I’m going to try it and see if it helps.

A fun step I took this week was starting a Facebook page related to this blog . I’ve already had several of you visit me there and “Like” me, but if you haven’t yet, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve been on FB for years with my personal account, but making a page tied to this blog is a great way to connect with more of you.

You guys know how happy I am to be a #SweatPink Ambassador, and I’m excited to let you know that my bio is now on Fit Approach . Even if you’ve been reading this blog for years, I think you’ll find out some new info about me, so if you have a minute, please head over and read it. And while you’re at it, read about my fellow #SweatPink Ambassadors, as well. They are a group of really interesting, accomplished women. By the way, I have a few pairs of pink shoelaces left, so if you’d like a pair of your very own, read this post , email me, and I’ll mail them out to you.

A major thing that happened this week was that I had a therapy appointment . I really liked my new therapist, and I think she and I are going to click well together. The first appointment was emotional, to say the least, and I left the office feeling worn out, as if I’d done a major workout. And in a way, I had. It felt good to talk about everything, and the therapist asked me some really insightful, thought-provoking questions. I really look forward to getting to the key issues surrounding the reasons why I’m blocking myself from achieving my goals.

When I went to my parents’ house to let them know that I’d entered therapy, and a bit more about my disordered eating, my dad had some excellent suggestions. He pointed out that when I quit smoking, I had to change my routine in order to get my mind off of cigarettes, and he suggested that the same thing would work with eating. He’s absolutely right! I told him that I can be great during the day, but when I get home, I get ravenous, and most of the time it’s really just the habit of wanting to scarf rather than from actual hunger. So we brainstormed a plan for the rest of the school year that I think is going to work well:

I’m really excited to start this new routine tomorrow. I’ll absolutely have an update next week.

And lastly, since food is a huge part of my success with this Birthday Gift Goal, I planned my menu for the week and spent about an hour getting everything ready.

Sunday: pork butt roast, broccolini
Monday: lowfat curry chicken, couscous, zucchini
Tuesday: pork soft tacos with shredded cabbage, salsa, and Greek yogurt instead of sour cream
Wednesday: Hungry Girl chili, salad
Thursday: salmon, brown rice, asparagus
Friday: lowfat curry chicken, couscous, broccolini

And now for some photos to show my food prep…

As you can see, I had a very productive day.  Now if only I had spent a bit more time this week (or even today) grading all those essays.  (Sigh!)

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