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Bio-Magnetism & Weight Loss - Getting your Body to Metabolize & Eliminate

Posted Apr 30 2010 10:10am

Medicinal Bio-Magnetism is a science based on the correction of pH distortions caused by pathogenic organisms, dysfunctions and toxins.  The body's pH can be balanced using medium strenght magnets - this is a very specific science not to be confused with magnet therapy or magnetic bracelets.

Many women have come to my practice for diverse issues, and weeks later having seen them, they call and ask if I think that bio-magnetism works for weight loss - and the answer is a resounding, "yes, of course"!

There can be various factors causing obesity, for example, thyroid gland dysfunction.  If it's not working as it should, you're clearly going to have weight issues. 

Another factor can be related to the brain - an impulse to eat - and this too can be helped by applying magnets to specific areas of the brain.  

There's also the bacterial factor.  Remember that bacteria can cause abdominal inflammation.  

Let's not forget toxins can affect how our body works.  

After a bio-magnetic session many patients report going to the restroom frequently and the 1st times thereafter, the waste comes out with a strong smell that almost scares them...but that's part of the body eliminating in a safe and natural way.  

For more information about Medicinal Bio-Magnetims, contact me: or call 714-824-9998.  I practice in Orange County, California






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