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Bikini Ready in 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Lela D.

Ready for the beach? If not, take a few of these tips to heart and you'll be ready before you can say bikini.

1. Write Down What You Eat. If you want to get serious about cutting calories, write down every item that passes your lips for a week. Tracking the numbers will be a strong deterrent as well as very educational.

2. Get A Buddy. A friend makes a healthy lifestyle more fun to pursue, but not only for the company. Someone trying to lose weight and tone up will keep you in line better than any journal alone.

3. Eat Right. Take the time to find a way of eating that makes sense for you. Don't go on some wacky regime that promises overnight results. Instead, recommit yourself to lifelong health and fitness.

4. Exercise. Move your body at least a little every day. Don't overlook things like spring cleaning and gardening chores. The more you work exercise into your regular routines, the less it seems like exercise. By summer you'll be water skiing to work off icy margaritas!

5. Talk Nice To yourself! Be kind to yourself. If you make a poor choice, recognize it for what it is - one choice. Gently remind yourself of the fact that you are perfectly free to make a different choice next time!

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Thanks for the no nonsense practical ideas. We'd all be better off if we dumped the fad diets and followed your advice for bikini season preparedness.
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