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Biking Bonanza

Posted Mar 18 2012 5:13pm

It was the weekend of biking! What a great winter weather weekend.  The calender says winter, but the temps say spring!  I pulled a 3 fer with the rides this weekend.

For St. Patty’s Day, John made up some Irish Soda Bread.  Last minute decision was to soak the raisins in bourbon and it was a very good idea indeed.  This was a beautiful loaf!

Must have portion control on this for sure.

It was such a nice day, definitely raring to go biking.  John was still recovering from a cold (it seems he has been sick since we got back from Disney), so I went out on my own and met him out for a snack.  I biked along the path.  Still looks like winter:

Lots of people on the path today.  I hit my turnaround point (this is an overpass, hence the fence).

Then biked downtown.  It was really, really crowded!  Not only was it St. Patty’s Day, so the bars were open and busy, but the state high school basketballs finals (or whatever) were in town.  Lots and lots of traffic and people.  I met John at Coffee Planet and they had shamrock sugar cookies!

The iced sugar cookie has to be one of my favorite cookies.  Simple and perfect.  I decided I couldn’t handle the people and traffic on the way home, so I decided to chance the bike path being really soggy.  I was surprised that it was quite ride-able, though!

Not spring yet, though.  It was so nice to get outside and riding again!

That was a nice 17 mile ride.  I had also done my lifting workout in the morning, so my thigh was pretty achy last night.

We were thinking it was going to be in the  40s when we got up and could bike to bagels, so we got all bundled up and then happened to check the weather and it was 32 degrees.  Ooops, a bit too cold, even for me.  But, with temps rising fast for the day, we decided on a morning ride after breakfast and grocery shopping.  John was feeling well enough to ride, too. We headed south in the morning into a fair headwind.  One of those times when you really notice the effects of drafting.  We swapped the lead every couple of miles.  After 8 miles, we hit our turn around point.  It was a beautiful day and getting a little warmer all the time.

My buddy for the day.

We cruised on home with a good tailwind.  We took a big steep hill at the end, which I have decided is my mission to work on this summer.  I will bike 5 miles out of my way to avoid this hill, so it is something I am challenging myself with to do hill repeats on by the end of summer (eek).

That was a 16.5 mile morning ride.

Ready for another one?  We went back out in the afternoon for…. wait for it….

The frozen yogurt is back at our ice cream place!  Yay!  I had a pistachio flavor.  It was in the upper 60s and so sunny.  I was pretty sweaty, actually. It felt really nice to sit outside and everyone else had that idea, too.

The line goes all the way back past the bush.  You know what I love?  When the line is that long and then the person gets up to the window and *still* doesn’t know what they want  :roll:

We headed back home into the wind, but it seemed less than this morning.  I do have some wind chap on my cheeks and lips, though.  Total miles for the day?

Pretty darn close to 29.  I have the distance legs for sure, but not quite the hill legs, yet.   46 miles on the weekend.  For halfway through March – that is really fantastic!

Pixie can’t go outside, but she is enjoying all the sun:

I need to be doing that tomorrow.  Definitely a rest day!  I am roasting up some parsnips and sweet potatoes and we will be grilling out tonight in the gorgeous weather.

Question:  How the weather in your neck of the woods?

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