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Biking and chilaxin’

Posted Jul 31 2010 3:28pm

Woke up to the most gorgeous morning, although it was very chilly. We hit an overnight low of 43 – can you believe that? :shock:

I wanted something warm and toasty, so I made protein waffles and topped with an apple cranberry topping.

It was good enough that I am going to write down the recipe and post it next week!

I was cold waiting for coffee to brew.  See my short hairs?

Very short!  Now I might start growing it out again….

Even though the low was 43, the day was about as picture perfect as it could be, so we decided to bike up to the lake.  We went a different route.

First up is a little bike maintenance:

Some nice scenery on this road:

Date snack!

I had 2.  Isn’t this a pretty little church?

This route had some seriously hard hills! After 23 miles, we arrived at the village and were ready for lunch!

As we love to do at Lake George, we stopped at Taste of India .  I think they have another location, but this one is right on the edge of the Lake and is sort of the casual beach type place.  We had a coupon for buy one/get one, too!  John ordered a Mango shake to try:

It was really interesting.  Not like a lassi, because there was no yogurt in it.  I swear there was condensed milk or coconut milk in it.  Good, but quite sweet!

My choice was aloo gobi.  Aloo means potato.  This dish is a potato caulifower dish that is yummy!  Maybe gobi means cauliflower?

It is a drier type of Indian dish and not fatty, which is a good thing :D

John had paneer palak, which is cheese and spinach dish:

Paneer is sort of a cheese curd/cottage cheese type thing.  It does not have a strong flavor and it is firm and does not melt.  It’s quite good.

Served with rice and some puri – which was basically fried!

Think we will stick with naan or roti bread.

After lunch, we strolled around town.  Gotta love the wax museum:

I wondered where Frankenstein was, but then I saw him!

Wandering around the street.  Guess that is what monsters do around here.

We headed over to Shepards Park to have a sit and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Relaxing in an Adirondack chair:

The lake was a bit chilly for swimming, but there were some people in the water.  Lots of sunbathers, though.

It was so wonderful to sit and enjoy.  It almost seemed like a September day, not the end of July!  Mid 70s and perfect.  I really do appreciate living around here.

It was time to head home, but we decided to take the regular bike path back home.  The trip there was nice, but the shoulder wasn’t really wide enough for comfort.

You all know what is on the way home, right?

Honey almond yogurt with marshmallow topping.  Yum!  I was feeling very strong on the ride home.  Funny how it takes me 20 miles to really get going.  I don’t know what is up with that, but it is kind of funny.  Just when John starts to get tired, I get moving.

Finished up the last 7 miles to home:

Ride stats:

Mileage: 39.3 miles

Average speed:  12.7 mph

Top speed:  28.1 mph (hills – wheeee!!!!)

Calories burned: 1208 (sweet).

What a wonderful day!  I feel a little tired right now.  Pixie is laying in my lap as I am writing this post.  She is in full cooler weather lap mode!  We have more chair sitting and relaxing in store tonight. :D

Hope you are all having an awesome weekend as well!

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