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Bikes, boats and cars

Posted Aug 26 2012 3:45pm

Saturday ride day.  It was a hot day.  The hot and sticky weather has made a return for the last bit of August.  We chose to go on an earlier ride and stop for lunch.  We decided to head up to Lake George.  This is what the first part of our ride looked like as we went road riding.  Very sunny.

Nice wide shoulder and in good condition. We stopped at Decision Point around 10.5 miles for a little snack.

Just before the next few miles of climbing to the lake.  I have to say I do not like this flavor of Larabar.  It tasted bitter to me for some reason.  I ate about 3/4 of it.

Onward to Lake George!  We got there and found out there was a boat and car show going on.  15 miles in.

We decided to stop for lunch at Adirondack Sandwich Works.

They have a lot of yummy choices there, and not just sandwiches.  John got a greek yogurt parfait that was really tasty.

(yes, the sticky bun coffeeshop was uber tempting… ). I had a grilled cheese plus some watermelon.

We are still doing no land meat week.  (ends Sunday).  This came with homemade kettle chips, which are good, but I didn’t feel like eating many of them.  After lunch, we walked around the boat and car showcase.

This is a green boat.  Electric and environmentally friendly!

Could you imagine sitting in these chairs on the lake sipping an icy cold beverage?  I could!

There were some cool old cars, too.

I liked this car.  Someone really did a lot to restore it.

Not even a speck of dirt on this grill.

Even the side wheel was super shiny.  I took a picture of its sparkliness and ended up with an accidental self portrait!

It was a beautiful day at the lake, even though it was getting really hot.

We decided to do a shorter ride because of the heat and just headed home.  We stayed on the paths mostly for the shade and didn’t stop at all for the 16 mile ride home.  I also decided to attack all the hills since it was a shorter ride.

I owned them all!  ROAR! I feel in really good bike shape right now.

We arrived home at 31 miles.

Ride stats:

Total miles:  31.6

Average speed: 12.8 mph

Top speed:  28.2 mph

Calories burned:  956

I am doing really well towards the goal of 400 miles this month.  We rode another 22 mile Sunday morning and I have only 47 miles left to ride before Friday night.  Barring any horrible weather or other issue, I should make it easily.

And just in case you were wondering – we did have a treat in the evening.

Maple soft serve.  Yum!

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