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Big ole weekend weight

Posted Oct 05 2009 10:00pm
Weight is sitting at 182 today.  This is what happens when you eat CRAP all day and night, and drink WAY too much wine.

I didn't feel bad when I woke up yesterday, but OMG did I ever start to feel awful in to the afternoon.  Took me a bit of time to be able to fall asleep when I needed to nap, but eventually I was able to nap in the living room.  Just wasn't working in the bed.

Don't even want to talk about what I ate over the weekend.  But, today we get right back on track and stay on focus.  I'm sure that I am retaining water big time - haven't been drinking enough of the good stuff, and have a bit too much salt in my system, I'm sure.

Had three cups of green tea this morning along with an orange and a hard boiled egg.  Going to have some stir fry for lunch, and not sure yet what I will pull out for dinner.  Will have to be something quick today as I have a meeting in Barrie that I have to leave for by 6!
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