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Big FAT "0" to go with my big fat yucky week!

Posted Oct 07 2011 7:25am
So weighed myself this morning and stayed at a nice big "0" loss this week. Doesnt surprise me given the sort of week I have had. Not going to the gym for 2 days, then going, then getting my monthly friend yesturday..and today doesnt get any better. Hubby works day shift, I have a doctors appointment will have to take all "4' kids with me oh and i shall not forget that I am waiting to get my reload on my shakes for the month..which hopefully will arrive today cause I have been out since yesturday(nice)...but thats only because I have been giving out samples of my own mix so made me short a little which I didnt mind, so basically this week we can just call it a "write off" lol

The good thing is our family is planning to have our Thanksgiving dinner on "saturday" instead of sunday or thats great! I can get it over with and move on and try to have a more amazing week and will start that Sunday morning...
Oh life, how I love thee. Shoots us for a loop here and there, but thats what it is "life"!
We cannot get wrapped up and get all down and depressed about it..cause it will happen from time to  time...and this is a life long journey in the be it! I will not let it get me down thats for sure. Will just drink my tea, take a breath..and keep it going!

Anyways, Hope everyone has a really great Thanksgiving weekend! Seems like we are going to be having some really nice weather so we should all get out there and enjoy it before it changes real soon!!

Talk to you all next week 4 sure!
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