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Biffed it on my bike last night!

Posted Jul 14 2012 10:06pm

OMG! I so biffed it last night! UGH!!

I was riding on the bike path with My Guy- and I thought I heard someone behind us… so I kind of looked behind (I am terrible at looking over my shoulder and I always get a little unbalanced) and I was also trying to slow down to get behind My Guy in case there was someone coming so I could be out of the way. I think I hit a bumpy spot in the path too… and all of a sudden I knew I was going down!

I could see Guy getting further away down the path- I heard myself yelp- and slowly… I was going down!

How funny that accidents seem to happen in slow motion… I remember feeling the bike tipping. Thank GOODNESS I had kind of turned (all unbalanced and all!) and was actually heading OFF the paved path and onto the dirt, because I landed FACE FIRST!! I remember my chin and my teeth hitting the ground and thinking “DAYUM! What good does wearing a helmet do when you land face first!!” LOL

My Guy of course heard me yell and crash and was turning his bike around and coming back to me and amazingly enough- two bicycle Park Police were behind us and they dropped their bikes and ran to me immediately! I don’t think they saw what led up to my fall but they saw me land!

So here I am… face down… legs all twisted in my bike… not moving. I just didn’t feel the need. I was kind of doing a mental inventory of my body to see what hurt and where… and being in shock that my face didn’t seem to be bleeding or in that much pain… ran my tongue over my teeth… I heard My Guy come running up to me… “Baby are you ok?” And then I heard these other men talking (I had NO IDEA they were park police and I was kind of annoyed at how BOSSY they were being! LOL)

The first thing I actually did say (still without looking up) was “What good does a helmet do when you land face first!” LOL The officer thought I was telling Guy to get away because he just heard the frustration in my voice NOT the words. At that point My Guy moved a little further away from me because the cop gave him a serious look!

One of them started asking questions- mostly about how it happened… and at one time I thought “Who the hell is this guy?” The officer asked something that was pretty clear he thought Guy maybe caused me to fall.. I was like “He is my HUSBAND” (I don’t know these people and I think they don’t need to know my business- as far as I know they are random men and need to know that HE is my protector not attacker!) and then I finally looked up to say to him… “Come here closer!” (Still didn’t know they were police!) I just stuck my face back down (Still not feeling inclined to move or really look around!) and was listening as they asked all these questions about how I fell… still acting like they thought Guy had something to do with it… I finally said “it doesn’t matter HOW it happened… it just did! Geesh!” LOL

By this time My Guy is standing/kneeling over me, patting my shoulder, quietly asking if I am ok? Can I move? Do I hurt? Finally the one officer was like do you think you can get up? THEN I finally looked up and saw it was police officers were were dealing with! LOL

As I turned over to try to get up… all I kept saying was “How am I going to train for my race? I have to be able to run!” I was finally close to tears at this point- (but I still didn’t cry until I got home and sat down and Guy brought me the ice packs!) They all kind of looked at me like I was nuts that the thing I was worried about was my race training!! LOL  I have tried to run a Half-Marathon 3 years in a row and something has gotten in the way every other time before… NOT this time!!! UGH! (My Guy actually forbid me to go running today- I was supposed to do 6 miles with hills and 7 on Sunday!)

I got up… was ok… cut up and scrapped up with road rash and dirt and leaves all in my dress and my bike is all scrapped up on top of the handle bars on the gear gauge and finger shift … and my reflector is all cracked… I could tell my chest was going to hurt and probably my wrist- but didn’t feel like I needed an ambulance or anything… we got some teeny band aides for my calf which was cut down the side and really bleeding! Then the officer took our information and he put in a report  and finally we rode home.

Good thing the officers were there… We were talking about it on the ride home and said you know- God took such amazing care of me- I landed in the dirt and didn’t crack my face up, and just in case it WAS worse… God ALSO provided the police officers who could have gotten us real emergency aid ASAP had we needed it… AMAZING!

So once I got home I iced the heck out of my knees and wrist last night. And now today I feel like a truck hit me!

I would be surprised if my rib(s) are not cracked… it hurts to move and breathe… and I would suspect my wrist is sprained… can hardly pick up my coffee cup let alone do other household things. I was just trying to unload the dishwasher- I have no idea how many RIB/CHEST muscles are required for that and my wrist is needed to lift plates! LOL

I am so blessed though! It could have been so much worse- and my face could have been a mess for the wedding!! LOL I did think that as I was evaluating my injuries… “I hope my face is not a mess- I need to have wedding photos taken!” LOL

PHEW! All is well that ends well. I am hopefully going to see my chiropractor tomorrow (I don’t have insurance to go to the Urgent Care for an X-ray or anything) and he will help get me all straightened up. I’ll let you all know if anything is broken/sprained!

Always an adventure!

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