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Bicycling. Yeah, I actually exercised.

Posted Jul 31 2011 5:56pm
We all know I hate to exercise unless it's fun.  Fun, meaning goofing around with friends, or sex.  (Come on, everyone knows that sex is the best way to burn calories.)  I also don't mind the calories I burn while hauling heavy photography equipment and photographing a wedding in 90 degree heat.  It's still fun.

What I DON'T enjoy is:  running, swimming, weight lifting, aerobics, etc, etc, etc.

But, I was thinking back to the good ol days when I was ten or twelve or something, and I rode my bike.  I rode it all the freakin' time.  For miles and miles and miles and HOURS.  And I was a skinny thing.  Well, it probably also helped that I was TWELVE, but you get where I'm going with this.  So, I (finally, after wanting one for two or three years,) bought myself a bike.

Annnnnnd, I got myself a helmet that I hate.  I pretty much stood there at Target looking at all the crappy, ugly helmets and just picked a random one after not being able to really CHOOSE one I LIKED.  I'm eventually hoping to get a cute English looking helmet, but those are super expensive.

AND, so here we have:  three pieces I did buy - a skirt and two dresses:

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