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Bicep Building and Arm Development through the Muscle Shocking Technique, Part One

Posted May 25 2009 10:01pm

Changing things up to prevent fitness stagnation is key to a long term progressive exercise plan. To break through plateaus and continue getting shredded you have to fool your muscles. Keep in mind that muscles are smart and adapt relatively quickly to routine so utilizing shock techniques can separate your body from those stuck in fitness purgatory.

So here’s a workout plan to blast your biceps and take your overall arm development to the next level using some non-traditional movements. Not only will these unique exercises spice up your state of mind as you execute them but the movements will send your muscles into the ultra growth zone because of the new intra-muscle fibers that receive stimulation.

New Bicep Shredding exercise the “33″, Getting Shredded the Ancient Warrior Way, with Sheer Volume Brutality.

Perform 33’s- yes I said it 33’s , I performed 21’s for 12 years then one evening I pondered what would happen if I pushed the total repetition count of this already grueling multi-tiered movement to the next level? The “33″ is the brain child I invented that very pensive night. It is essentially a hybrid barbell curl that incorporates a 3 step range of motions. The result is shredded arms, brachialis and extreme vascularity. The vein that runs down my bicep doubled in girth and propensity. The sensational pumps I experience performing 33’s are undeniable. So it’s time you give them a try.

To perform a set of 33’s bring the bar to your nose and perform 11 slow, methodical reps that seriously emphasize the negative portion of the repetition. But here is the kicker: the movement stops and pauses mid way. You do not continue to a standard curl starting point. Imagine a plane that lays across your upper torso, approximately 2 inches below your nipples. Respect that plane as if crossing it will cause you to become electrically shocked into a Don King hair style. Use that motivation to concentrate on the negative and pause. Create a static resistance on every rep by pausing for 5 seconds at that point and feel the burn. Perform 11 reps.

Proceed that movement with its antithesis. This time the barbell’s starting point is the imaginary plane 2 inches below your nipples, but this time lower the bar to the top of your thighs. Pause and utilize the static hold at the same point as before. Perform 11 reps as well.

Culminate the marathon set with a full range barbell curl. Try to finish the move by bringing the bar to your fore head,squeezing the bar hard and flexing your biceps for 3 seconds. You will feel the burn. With 33’s finding the proper weight that puts you in the burn zone is key. My answer to what weight to use is fluid because of the difference in individual muscle make up and conditioning. I prefer to stick with 55% of my one rep max. But the final decision lies solely on you to find your very own burn zone with the 33, experiment and try a few different weight amounts.

Aim for 3 total sets, 5 if you’re courageous. Perform the 33 with a cambered curl bar to feel a deeper burn, prevent pain and avoid injuries.

A great exercise to chase the 33 down with is something I like to call Heavy Three’s. Heavy Three’s is a simple exercise strategy comprised of three repetitions to gain muscle fast. After performing a high volume set such as 33’s load the cambered barbell with 85% of your one rep max and pump out 3 slow concentrated reps. So if you curl 150 pounds your Heavy Three’s curling weight is 130 pounds. The goal of Heavy Three’s is to hit new muscle fibers during the same workout, thus inducing growth and strength gains.

Remember my fellow workout warriors keep it fresh and keep those muscles on their toes.

This is an article from's Healthy Weight Loss and Fitness Blog.

Bicep Building and Arm Development through the Muscle Shocking Technique, Part One

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