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Best Stress Relieving Workout: Boxing

Posted Sep 23 2009 11:11pm

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As well all do at times, yesterday I was feeling a bit stressed. My laptop was underperforming cause I was running a few applications at once and what should have been a quick blog post was doing my head in.

Combine with another situation that really shouldn’t have bugged me but did I was stressed and needed a stress relieving workout to get me feeling like a decent human being again.

Don't Let Stress Ruin Your Day - Get A Boxing Workout In!

Don't Let Stress Ruin Your Day - Get A Boxing Workout In!

I was planning a gym workout routine but turfed that and got out my hand wraps and boxed on with the punching bag.

All of my boxing gloves were in my car so I thought I’d go Rocky style and just pound the bag with only my hand wraps on.

Now I’m paying for that cause I’ve got a massive blister on one of my knuckles – so if you’re going to try this at home – make sure you throw the gloves on too!

So I grabbed my iPod and put on some up tempo tunes – a bit of gangsta rap and some old school rock did the trick and just pounded away on the bag with a few combo sets.

I punched and danced around the bag for each song track -so I guess the rounds would’ve been 3-5 minutes in length depending on the song and just had a quick water break after each song and got back into it for the next track.

Next thing you know I’d knocked out 15 minutes when I looked at the watch and thought – I’m feeling good, I’ll go one more track.

Boxing - The Best Stress Relieving Workout

Boxing - The Best Stress Relieving Workout

That happened another 4 times and next thing I knew, I had 35 minutes clocked up!

That’s the beauty of music and motivation.

And how did I feel afterwards?


The feel good hormones (endorphins) that are released after a training session are worth it alone – so that is instantly going to relieve your stress but the real benefit about boxing in my opinion is that fact that you are actually punching something.

The best thing is that the boxing bag doesn’t hit back!

Sure, I was smashed afterwards and am paying for it totally today. My back aches. My arms ache. My shoulders ache. Every muscle in my upper body has let me know that I am alive.

Would I change that?

Hell no!

That’s the best part.

I got to work my stress out without ripping some innocent persons head off and I got to get a great fat burning workout in that lasted a lot longer than what my otherwise planned gym workout routine would have taken.

You can even purchase a punching bag of your own if you have the room, hang it up and you’ve got your perfect home exercise stress relief solution without even leaving the house.

Crank Up The Tunes & Workout

Crank Up The Tunes & Workout

And if you want to know what tunes I was cranking out, check out this playlist – some of them are pretty tacky and make me less of a man, but I was previewing some dance tunes for our wedding (that’s my excuse)

1) This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan
2) I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston (yeah I know but it’s kinda cool)
3) What Is Love – Haddaway (I love A Night At The Roxbury)
4) In Da Club – 50 Cent
5) Crazy In Love – Beyonce
6) California Love – 2Pac
7) Izzo – Jay Z (not exactly a good song for a wedding but it’s an in joke between my sister and me!)
8 You Give Love A Bad Name – Bon Jovi – possibly the best boxing song ever – punch to the drum beat and go crazy on Richie’s guitar solo!
9) Mo Money Mo Problems – Notorious BIG

What is your favourite stress relieving workout? I’m keen to make this page a resource for the stressed person to get their relief without having to have a smoke or go to the pub for a beer.

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