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Bella the Gym Bunny – Training with Triple-A Boys

Posted Aug 06 2009 10:03pm

betty boop workout Today’s training session was early – 10am.  Now I know for those of you who had to be at work at 8am or 9am this morning, that’s not early, but for me it was.  Especially because I couldn’t seem to get to sleep last night.  I was up past 1am.  I woke up at 7:45 or so, ate breakfast (more on that later), and then got ready for the gym.

I hit every red light possible and arrived 5 minutes late.  I HATE being late.  Jimmy was waiting for me at the reception desk, and he pretended like he was pissed, but he said he understood, especially because I’m never late.

Today he had me start out with 8 minutes on the rowing machine, to get me warmed up for all of the back exercises we were about to do.

As we went down to the training area, I noticed a lot of young, cute guys there with Giants shirts on.  I said, “Wow, there’s a lot of Giants fans here, huh?”  And Jimmy told me it was the San Jose Giants who were training.  (The SJ Giants are the Triple-A team of the San Francisco Giants baseball team).  Lots of eye candy, and lots of ridiculous althletic skill.  Not intimidating at all. Ha!

I was doing great with the workout until Jimmy had me get down on the floor on a step that he had leaning at an incline against a post. I laid down on it and then I was supposed to bring my legs up to my chest and then point my toes and touch the floor.  Hopefully you can picture it.  What you should picture is me feeling like I had cement blocks on my feet, groaning in pain, and  trying to pretend like all of these cute boys weren’t watching the spectacle. :)   Two sets of 20 reps.  Hard.  For the second set, Jimmy decided to make it that much more “fun” by having me hold a 2 pound ball between my legs.  Just take a moment and picture it.  Too funny.

I recovered from that nightmare and did the rest of the workout, which was great.  Jimmy said that he’s very impressed with my progress.  I am too.  It’s getting easier (comparatively) for me to do some of the moves.  I can feel myself getting stronger and more coordinated.

Next week Jimmy said he wants to push it a bit and see me three times, which is perfect, because it’s my last true week of summer before school.  Well, I don’t officially start until August 24, but the week after next I’m going to be at school at least two whole days helping with student registration and getting my room and materials together.

I finished off the workout with 30 minutes of cardio, but for some reason, I couldn’t stick to just one machine today.  I did 5 min. on the treadmill, then got bored and did 13 minutes on the elliptical, but got tired and did 6 more minutes on the treadmill, and being bored again, finished off with another 6 minutes on the bike.  Still, 30 minutes is 30 minutes, right?  Plus, maybe it’s good to shake it up a bit.


Ok, now I have to share with you the fiasco that was breakfast this morning.  I had read that a few of you like to make your own version of an Egg McMuffin by putting Eggbeaters in a coffee mug and putting it in the microwave for a few minutes.  It all sounds so easy until you try it.  :P

I didn’t have a clean coffee mug (gotta run the dishes), so I used a little glass instead.  The same basic size.  I put in a 1/2 cup of Eggbeaters added one wedge of Laughing Cow, as well as pepper and some Spike seasoning.  I put the glass in the microwave for 2:30, because I wanted to make sure the eggs were cooked.  In the mean time, I put the 1-point whole grain English muffin in the toaster. Easy peasy, right?

Well it seemed like it until I looked at the microwave and discovered what looked like a science experiment gone bad.  The eggs were growing GROWING! and spilling up and over the glass, all over the microwave.  Not a fun way to start the morning.  Ugh.

They tasted awesome, but what I want to know is, how do I avoid this mess in the future?  What kind of cover do you put on the coffee mugs?  Help!!!

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