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Bella’s BP Update

Posted Aug 28 2012 12:00am

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Remember two weeks ago, when my blood pressure was really high ?  The reading after taking it three times was 146/100.

Well today I went in to have my BP rechecked, and at first it read 156/84, which was high.  The physician’s assistant told me to take some deep breaths and calm down and then checked it again, and it gave the same readout.  I told her that I wasn’t stressed out, but that today (and most days teaching) was a whirlwind of activity, with me going from one thing to the next without any pauses.  (Seriously, when I’m teaching, I’m on my feet all day long, rushing around, mind going a mile a minute (in a good, engaged way), but it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes).

So she had me take a 10 minute break out in the waiting room so that I could really get a bit more still, and then we took the reading again.

I haven’t had a great reading like that in years.  In fact, I don’t remember having a reading that low, period.

It’s great because it means that my blood pressure was up because of the Phentermine, and now that I’ve stopped it, I’m back to normal. It also means that I am healthier than I’ve been months/years.  My blood pressure is that of a healthy person. Besides discontinuing the Phentermine, I think increasing my veggies, decreasing my intake of butter, and being more active in my daily life are all contributing factors to today’s great news.

The BP is normal, and Bella is a happy girl.

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