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Being Overweight Feels Terrible. So Why Can't I Lose The Weight?

Posted Sep 11 2009 10:38pm

by Maria' s Last Diet

You’ve certainly heard all the data, all the statistics, all the dire predictions for people who are overweight. You may even be painfully aware of how your extra pounds make you feel, both physically and emotionally. You may realize how much you suffer from your eating behavior and its consequences. After all, you live with the negatives of being overweight every day. Even women who are only 10 or 15 pounds overweight often feel hampered by it. They can’t move the way the want to. They can’t look the way they want to look. They don’t feel good about themselves.

There is a problem if you see this issue only in its negative light. When you consider your eating behavior as a totally bad thing, something that simply must be gotten rid of, then it seems completely irrational. If something is so completely bad for you, why don’t you stop doing it?

What’s missing here is that your eating also has a very solid positive side. It actually does something for you―maybe a lot of things. The fact that it does do positive things for you is why it’s so extremely difficult to give up.

If your true desire is to change, you need to recognize what role the eating and the weight play in your life―why and how you need them. This is most important. Be honest with yourself so you can realize that yes, there are surely detrimental, self-destructive aspects to your problem. Try to recognize the good parts of your eating behavior, how it helps you, what other problems it may solve. This is at the core of changing it.

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