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Behind the Scenes

Posted Jun 25 2012 5:26am

When I first got the phone call about appearing on the national television show, the 700 Club, I was immediately excited. And then nervous. And then excited again.

It felt real when they sent me my plane ticket and hotel reservation confirmation numbers. Then I knew I was really going. They did not give me the questions ahead of time, but like I told Vickie in one of my responses to a previous blog post, this is a topic I am pretty comfortable talking about so I was okay with not knowing what the questions were going to be.

When I arrived in Norfolk, Virginia I was met by a security guard from the CBN headquarters, who drove me to the CBN headquarters. I stayed here, at the Founder’s Inn. You can see that I had a great view of the gardens and the lake. Nice.

I spent the evening ironing my red dress, which took forever because the irons in the hotel weren’t the greatest in the world and I was afraid of messing up the dress so I had to iron very slowly. Another reason is that at home I do not iron. Instead, my husband, who is a terrific ironer, always irons anything in the family that needs ironing. All I had to do was mess up one of his dress shirts when we were early married to make that deal. I cook, he irons. Works for us.

The next morning, Molly came and picked me up in the hotel lobby. We went to the studios where I got my makeup done. I had already put on some makeup, but when the makeup artist put me in her chair she said, “You don’t have any makeup on do you?”

I laughed and said, “Yes, I have a lot on.”

She said, “Well, not for television you don’t.”

Here are some pictures from the makeup room and me with her after it was all done.

After hair and makeup, I sat in the green room (which just like at the Dr. Oz show) isn’t really green at all.

The producer went over what I was going to do and then we went to the studio where I practiced the little walk scene several times. Finally I went into the studio where I sat next to Pat Robertson until it was time to go on. Here’s what the studio looks like.

The studio area was very cold because all the lights were very hot. The studio audience had 700 Club blankets they could use in case they got too cold while watching the show. It was very quiet on the set although there were people moving around constantly shifting from one set to the next.

When it was my turn they took me over and I watched while Terry Meeuswen introduced my segment. Then I was up. The time flew by and before I knew it, the interview was over.

I watched the rest of the show back in the green room and then did another interview for the nighttime show with Charlene Israel, who was funny, warm and put me right at ease. That was shot in a different studio, where they do the other news. The room was glassed in and had the big ON AIR signs.

Then I got to have my picture taken with both Pat Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen.

It was a very good experience and I was so happy to have the opportunity to share my story. I’ve received lots and lots of emails from people who saw the show. I hope that as they read through my blog posts they will also be able to gain inspiration from all of you who are “walking the walk” to get to and stay at a healthy weight.

You never know who you will inspire. I always hoped to inspire my family to get healthy for life.

Who do you hope to inspire? Diane

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