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Becoming obese and becoming over...

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:04pm

Becoming obese and becoming over weight is becoming more and more widespread in the world. Majority of the people are gaining weight and they are also losing their ideal weight. In fact, if you are over 20% of your ideal body weight, then you may be considered obese. Although our life style contributes to gaining weight due to bad eating habits and reduced activity, there are also medical reasons for gaining weight. This means that not all people gain weight due to eating too much or eating too greasy. In fact, you may eat less, but still gain weight if you have a medical deficiency that needs to be addressed.

One important cause of weight gain can be caused by thyroid hormone deficiency or hyperthyroidism. This can be one of the major causes of weight gain as the imbalance of the thyroid hormone will cause fat to be accumulated in your body and you will also have increase in your bodily weight. One of the most relevant mechanisms that cause this is by fluid retention. The fluids are retained by the body and thus tissues swell in the body to give a bloated look. You will also experience fatigue and lethargy, if you are afflicted with hyperthyroidism.

One other important medical cause of weight gain is Cushing-s syndrome. Like hyperthyroidism, this is also caused by hormonal imbalance. In Cushing-s syndrome, the body creates an excess amount of cortisol, which is also a hormone. When you have this disease, you will have accumulation of fat on your face and on your back as well as your abdomen.

Besides these two major hormonal imbalances that cause weight gain, also using prescription drugs can be a way to put on some extra pounds. Many birth control pills have been known to cause fluid retention, swelling and as a result weight gain. Also having psychological disorders can cause you to eating frenzies, which can lead to increased weight. In many documented cases of manic depression, it is possible to gain extra weight that you are not able to lose until you receive psychological treatment.

However, one thing that you should watch out for is the blood sugar imbalance, which can be caused by eating too much refined sugar. You do not need to have a disease to have a blood sugar imbalance, as anyone who eats too much sugar can experience this. For example when you eat a Mars bar when you are hungry, then excess insulin may be produced which can cause you to crave for more foods and sweets. The body will react to starvation and to input of carbohydrates by storing the sugar for future use and thereby causing more lowered blood sugar levels and more eating frenzy.

Thus as it can be seen, you will need to be careful and analyze the reasons carefully for your sudden weight gain. Many times, you will not be able to lose the weight you gained, until you receive some sort of medical treatment. If you are suffering from a medical disorder, you will need to be treated first before you can start a weight loss program.

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