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Beat The Recession With New Free Website Devoted To Home Exercise And Bodyweight Training

Posted May 28 2009 12:17am
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The recession is biting hard in some parts of the globe and as a result, the self confidence and self esteem of many people have plummeted while the size of their waistline has been increasing at a rate never seen before.

However, there is a solution to both of these worries thanks the new website that I’ve just launched.

Home Workout Exercises is a brand new community website that is devoted entirely to home exercise and bodyweight training. The best thing about the new website is that it is entirely free for people to become a part of!

This new Home Workout Exercises website has the potential to have a massive influence on not only the waist lines of the community, but also providing social support to people, maybe like yourself, who may be finding it hard to stick to the commitment of a healthy lifestyle and training routine.

Basically, training in the gym will be dead. You won’t be forced to do that any longer if it’s not your cup of tea or if the purse strings can’t stretch that far anymore.

This is your solution to exercising and best of all it’s FREE!

It is about time people realise that the gym is not the only way to train and keep fit and that there are a number of options available. With people becoming more economically aware and tightening their purse strings as the economy declines I felt that it was time to provide a solution rather than just join the chorus and complain about how bad things are.

Home Workout Exercises has workouts that are for beginners, right up to the advanced level, so is suitable for anybody with an interest in keeping fit and healthy. Content is being added on a daily basis and already over 40 video demonstrations and 10 articles about bodyweight training have been uploaded.

The interactive forum is a place where people can ask their fitness questions and have them answered by a number of fitness professionals from around the world.

There is even playground workouts and hotel room workout video routines that you can access for when you are on the road.

I’ve also managed to call in a few favours from some of my fellow fat loss experts from around the globe to provide a resource that I hope will become the go-to website for anything to do with home exercise and bodyweight training.

To encourage people to take action and sign up for the free website, I’m going to be holding a FREE teleseminar that will only be available to members of the Home Workout Exercises community on Friday June 19 at 11am Sydney time (Thursday June 18 9pm EST in the States).

Members will be able to get onto the free conference call and ask their questions live and by having the call in mid June it will give you ample time to become familiar with the website and what there is to offer by becoming a member.

The call will definitely be an open slather forum and will be recorded in case you miss out.

The brand new Home Workout Exercises website is and membership is free. There will be regular updated videos, exercise routines and general articles related to training at home using only your bodyweight. Interested people can also receive a free 6 week bodyweight training program aimed at beginners who are new to the exercise lifestyle.

I want you see you over there!


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