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Be Your Own Fitness Trainer by Knowing Their Secrets

Posted Jun 13 2012 2:18pm

Be Your Own Fitness Trainer by Knowing Their Secrets

Filed under: Work out , Weight Loss Tips
June 13, 2012
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 Stop worrying about the fat you need to burn
Instead focus on the calories you lose in each workout session. To burn as much fat as you can the key is to go as hard and as long as you can. You have to shock your body so try not to fall into a routine; instead find new interesting ways to change it up.

Start your day with exercise 
That way you have less time to make excuses and end up working out more often. Plus your metabolism is jump started earlier as well. Even more, doing so will probably give you a more productive day.

 Focus on the inside and out 
Stop looking at the mirror and the scale to tell you how you’re doing. Focus on how your work out makes you feel in terms of energy, stress reduction, and health. If you find exercise routines to make you happy, the physical changes will come naturally.

Concentrate on strength training
If you want to get more toned and lose belly fat, my best advice is to focus on strength training. Don’t be scared to add more weight to them as you progress. Again that will shock your muscles and have them working for you long after your work out is over. 20 minutes of cardio along with 20 minutes of weights is a great 40 minute workout for the day.

Enjoy the journey
Stop focusing on the destination so much. It’s easy to get discouraged when you know you need to lose a lot of weight and you still have a long way to go. Sometimes it’s better to learn from your experiences and enjoy everyday’s effort to get there. When you’re happy with what you’re doing, the rest will gradually come.

Make an emotional connection
Many people don’t enjoy working out and end up falling off the horse before they reached their goal. However, if you have a positive connection with a fitness trainer, group exercise instructor, or a piece of equipment you’re more likely to stay on track.

You can’t make up for a poor diet
Don’t sabotage all your efforts by eating unhealthy food. Think of your food as fuel for your body. Yeah at the beginning they may not be as good as the fast food you’re accustomed to but when you feel your body getting healthier, stronger, and better looking you’ll realize what all the fuss is about. Find some nutrient rich foods and stick with them.

Make small changes
Nothing is going to happen overnight. Start small like maybe a walk before and after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That will add up to 60 minutes a day, which is a great start and it can even give you some time to clear your head and regroup.

Do what you love and love what you do
If you’re doing something that isn’t working for you or making you happy then switch it up. If your injured focus on other workouts until you heal. If you love what you’re doing your more likely to stay fit for life.

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