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Be Inspired: Shannan's Story

Posted by AregM

Some people have it tough, and others have it very tough. Shannan Hutchinson is one of the latter. Shannan has Multiple Sclerosis - yet despite the phenomenal challenges posed by her illness, Shannan was able to lose over 90 pounds - by eating right and exercising. Here is her story. For 5 months in 2002 Shannan was paralyzed. It took 18 months before she was able to walk again. By this time Shannan weighed 260 pounds (BMI 41) and her doctor suggested that she needed to lose weight. Gastric bypass seemed like the only option - but after watching her mother experience 6 months of sickness after weight loss surgery, Shannan decided to go it alone. Exercise Shannan started out slowly with water rehabilitation. She then progressed to power walking in the pool, and eventually water aerobics. Now, on a good day, Shannan can walk for 20-30 minutes at a time. "The key is knowing your bodies limitations" says Shannan. ....Continued on
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