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Bariatric Surgery Experience in Panama with PlacidWay

Posted by Janiels

Eric De Ycaza from AWP interviewed Mr. Donald MacGillivray, from Ontario, Canada, who came to Panama for a Bariatric Surgery to be performed at Hospital Santa Fe.  The surgery was scheduled for today July 20th., 2009, and the patient is ready and waiting for the surgery time.


Why among the Bariatric Surgeries, you chose the Sleeve surgery?

Ans.Is the most modern operation of the bariatric surgeries and, like I said, about the hormones? I'm confident that it's the best one for the long term!.


Why Panama? There're many destinations around the region. Why particularly did you choose Panama?

Ans.Well – I don't want to sound vague – The main alternative is Mexico and, for me MX is not a very attractive country to come for a surgery. I've come to Panama several times, I really like Pma., I like its people, I've had other work done here, so I’m very happy- ok.


So, you're confident about Panama Medical professionals?



You had various options here in Pma. You contacted us through the internet- Was there any particular reason why you chose AWP to be your partner through this process / experience?


Ans.Long sight! Every other place that I checked – every single one you'd come the day before the surgery, you have the surgery & in 2 or 3 days you're gone! But.., but this Panama process, they check you very throughout and there are a lot of preparation and tests – it's much safer! – It's a more complicated process and in every other place, you come the day before the surgery and that's it. There’re not many check ups and the process is quick, but in Panama they really make sure all the angles are covered.


They're more complicated and more mature – they checked my respiration and that has to be a 100% before we go on… Like in other places, they don't even check it, they say blood work and, ahh, just the EKG, that's the other test, but right after that you go to surgery!


So if you need to visit this hospital for any type of Plastic Surgery then contact:1.303.578.0719,
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