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Barcelona: Day 1

Posted Nov 18 2012 6:19pm
You can't deny it: winter is well and truly here. I love the sun, and I feel like I just never get enough of it, so I would love to get away for some winter sun, if only I had a money tree! After yesterday's post about Peru, and getting serious withdrawls for some lovely sun, it reminded me that I never blogged about Iestyn and mines five day getaway in May when we went to Barcelona. I absolutely loved this city, and I would honestly move there tomorrow in an instant. Seeing as I can't afford to be jetting away this winter, I figured if I blog about my time away, I can live vicariously through my own blog posts!

I know holidays signify different things for different people, but to me holidays are all about two things: art museums and food. I can't imagine my love of food is a surprise to you! We ate in a lot of really nice places which I recommend and want to share with you. I do have loads of pictures, so I think it is best I did a day by day account, otherwise I'm just likely to confuse myself!

We flew out early on a Wednesday morning, a 8am flight from Liverpool airport. So that we could actually have a bit of sleep, we drove half way to my dads house in Wrexham the night before, which meant we had to get up at 4am, rather than the 3am if we travelled from home! By the time we got to the airport and had gotten through security I was very hungry, so it was sausage and egg bap with a mug of tea to keep us going through the flight.

When we got on to the flight the below picture is the advertisement in front of my chair. As Iestyn said, they must of seen me coming! I didn't end up buying it as it was quite expensive, and I'd already had the bacon bap, but I was impressed that they would have such a choice on the flight. I'll know for next time now!

I did share a blueberry muffin with a coffee with Iestyn on the flight.

Loved flying over the cities and the mountains!

Once we landed, it was try and read Catalan and figure out what train to get to our hotel time! We did alright up to the nearest train station, but were still a few streets away, and since we had suitcases, we hopped on to a bus, and it turns out we were only two stops away! We stayed at the Hesperia Tower hotel which was a Secret Hotel that we found via lastminute .

Breakfast was not included and they charged $25 euros each for breakfast which we felt was hugely expensive, and although the hotel did have a spa, this was an extra cost of $15 euros per visit, so we didn't bother. The hotel was on the last stop of the Metro line (Hospital de Bellvitgewhich took about fifteen to twenty minutes. This didn't really bother us at all, it just meant that once we went out, we were out for the day. The hotel did have a free shuttle service into town which operated in the mornings, and we got that a few times which was useful. Once we settle into our rooms, it was time to explore town.

It wasn't long until we stopped for a snack for our walkabout: frozen yogurt. Very refreshing, and just what we wanted after our flight. We then continued on down the Ramblas and up and down the side streets when we stopped for some lunch. I ordered the meat salad, and to be honest this was pretty disappointing, and probably the worse meal of the trip. As we'd just arrived we hadn't really found our feet and figured the best places to eat!

One thing that was highly recommended to us was the bus tours, and since we were pretty tired  from all the travelling, we figured it would be a good way of spending our first day getting to know the city. We got a two day pass as the route is quite extensive and we didn't think we'd be able to fit it all in one day, especially if we wanted to get off the bus in some places.

We did get off at one point as I was really starting to lag, so we figured that coffees where in order. I really fell in love with coffees on this tip. Lattes where had at least once a day, served in small glassess with about as much coffee as there was milk, with one teaspoon of sugar: perfect pick me up! Unfortunately we've not been able to recreate the perfect cup since being home!

We found this little Eco restaurant with an organic market, and the food looked divine, and all locally sourced.

Here's Iestyn writing down the details of the place as we had plans to come back to check out the food in the coming days.

We hoped back on to the bus to see some more of the sites, but by late afternoon the early morning and all the travelling was taking its tole on me, and we decided it was best to head back to the hotel to check our rooms out, have a bit of a rest, and then head out again for dinner.

Here I am, ready for dinner sitting in the hotel lobby: my old blonde hair!

We walked on down the Ramblas and headed towards a veggie cafe that we had noticed early on that day when we first arrived and were walking around with our frozen yogurt.

For our main we both had this curry dish, with three different currys with sides: loved this! There is nothing I like more in a meal than getting to try a few different dishes. I'm pretty sure we had some sort of chocolatety dessert, but I didn't take any pictures, and as I took so stupidly long to write this post obviousy I can't remember! Silly me! I also had wine with this meal, as well as drinking lots of coffee, we had plenty of wine! It seemed pretty cheap, but then again the glasses were quite small, but they did add up! Ha!

After this is was swiftly back onto the metro, and to bed! We had had a long day, but I was slowly falling in love with the city, and could not wait for the coming days!

Hopefully looking back through the pictures will re-ignite my poor memory so that I can blog about the rest of my time in Barcelona! It is making me want to go back asap, and all those deals I have seen on Groupon look very enticing!

Have you been to Barcelona?

If you could move to any place in the world tomorrow, where would it be? Barcelona is making the top five easily for me!

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