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Barbaric Vegan Activists Hurl Cayenne Pepper Pie Into ‘The Vegetarian Myth’ Author Lierre Keith’s Face

Posted Mar 15 2010 9:30am

Former 20-year vegan Lierre Keith gets assaulted by vegans while giving a talk

Just when you think it can’t get any worse with the radical nature of the vegan diet advocates, along comes something like what I’m about to share with you today that delivers a strong reminder that there is a contingent of people out there who do not want the truth about their way of eating exposed. It’s one thing to disagree and have a healthy debate of ideas about diet and nutrition and their relationship to a healthy lifestyle. But acting criminally and causing harm to another human being in the process is just about as disgusting as it comes.

The crime took place at the 15th Annual San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday while former vegan Lierre Keith was speaking about her book The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice & Sustainability where she responds to the common reasons for becoming a vegetarian or vegan and why they are completely invalid. It’s a controversial subject to say the least and going to an “anarchist” speaking engagement certainly invites trouble. But if you’ve heard Lierre Keith speak or read her book then already you’d know why she’d be willing to put herself out there like that (listen to her various recent podcast interviews here , here , and here , for example). In fact, here is a YouTube video of her speaking at a similar event in June 2009:

So imagine Lierre Keith giving her speech about her book like the one above from 2:00-2:30PM on Saturday, March 13, 2010 when suddenly out of nowhere she gets pelted in the face by three idiots wielding not just a pie, but one that has been laced with cayenne pepper. This is the stuff they put in pepper spray mace for people who are attacked by a would-be criminal. Except this time, the one who got physically assaulted was merely speaking the truth and letting people decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. This took place in the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. And the glee over this barbaric attack that is taking place by pro-vegan web sites is repulsive.

My paleo blogging buddy Richard Nikokey was all over this story right after it happened and I hope the message spreads across the blogosphere about what these vegan idiots have done. This is why I wrote a chapter in my latest book that I called “Whatever you do, don’t rile up the vegetarians and vegans” and this is exactly why. They will stop at nothing to keep on shoving their message down our throats and resorting to sophomoric behavior to prop themselves up. People have been brainwashed into thinking there is some sort of health right bestowed to vegetarians and vegans because they are “kind” towards animals or the planet, but they are the very people who need to hear Lierre Keith speak or read her book.

After learning about this incident, I wrote to Lierre Keith since I interviewed her on my podcast earlier this year to see how she is doing after the attack. Needless to say, she was still physically feeling the impact of the cayenne peppers over 24 hours later.

My eyes are still puffy and blurry, but the pain is definitely better. I think the worst part was hearing people cheer my assailants while I was being assaulted. I don’t want to live in a world where people cheer while someone has cayenne rubbed into their eyes. They are vile, vicious people.

WOW! What do say to something like this? Something tells me Lierre Keith will not back down from her message simply because of this cowardly incident. She will rise above it stronger than ever before because she knows what she is sharing with people is the truth and nothing can ultimately keep that from getting out there. I for one think we all need to support her by picking up multiple copies of her book to show her how much we love and appreciate the work she is doing. Pushing The Vegetarian Myth up the Amazon rankings will tick off the vegans even more and make ‘em wish they’d never started this fight in the first place.

You can share your support for Lierre Keith at The Vegetarian Myth Facebook page or by sending her an e-mail at . Thank her for all of her contributions to spreading the message and that you support her in her continued efforts. If the vegans want to scorn her for not choosing veganism, then we should praise her for standing up as a proud omnivore.

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