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Balancing the Brain

Posted Mar 05 2009 6:45am
Okay bloggies, I'm getting myself together and I'm moving forward (with all of your help and much appreciated comments *mwah*). I'm being a little more leisurely about it than usual, but I think that's going to be important this time around. Every day, every stumble and every recovery is a stepping stone to the finish line and I (you) will be stronger for it.

Brooke, Lena and I went to see "He's just not that into you" last night and it was just the thing I needed. I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend it and I think even the guys you drag along with you would enjoy it too ;-)

Then we stopped into Chapters and I picked up a book to read that I think will help me re-focus my approach to finishing off this li'l ol' weight loss goal of mine. I've never considered myself one of those "dieters" who gets "caught up in it" because I've tried to make sure that I keep the proper and realistic focus on health and weight loss, but I think when this journey has gone on as long as it has (which in itself is mentally challenging, taxing and exhausting) and the more you inevitably become exposed to the "the industry" in search for all the "right" information, the more your head can will spin, so I think reading this book will only benefit me in helping to recapture maintain a balanced mental approach to eating.

I want to "balance out my brain" so to speak because we all know that weight loss is about counting calories and creating a deficit through both restriction and exercise and while that is all true and scientific and undisputable, I have hopes that this book may help me approach that very thing more naturally, if possible, by learning how to "honour" my hunger and my body. I do not wish to keep flip flopping between "counting strategies" anymore with the hopes that doing so will be the mental shift in focus that I need. That is what I hope to get out of it anyway and I haven't started to read it yet, so I will most definitely post my thoughts about it as I go along and the things that resonate with me along the way.

I think that it's important to be a "responsible dieter" in that sense too. I know that many of you see me as having had tremendous weight loss success and look to me for inspiration in getting there yourself. Whether I like it or not, that does make me a role model to some of you because I've made my journey public. This is me, I am real, this is and has been my true journey and I've chosen to share it with you. I don't consider myself any more successful than any of you because there are many of us who share this journey with each other and we give and take all of the same things. But the fact remains, even though this blog and this journey is about me, I also want to be a good and responsible influence on all of you too :-)

There is an ultimate goal that I'm trying to reach here and my mental approach has always been "for keeps" and that means a life-long sustainable lifestyle that is realistic. So far I feel I've done a good job at accepting a healthy lifestyle on the nutrition side and I've never found myself eating foods that I don't enjoy. I've enjoyed every meal, I enjoy healthy foods and that part is conquered. I don't want to frig that up by getting too occupied with calories every single time a morsel of food goes into my mouth. That is the connundrum you guys, because it's pretty much necessary to have to count your calories in order to lose weight. That is always how it's been and the reason is because otherwise there wouldn't be a need to have to lose it because the calorie intake/expenditure would already be in a healthy balance.

Hopefully the book will either "solve" that connundrum. Maybe I'm expecting too much from a book, and hopefully it's not just another thing to make my head spin, but it looks like I'm about to find out!

Thank you all so much for your continued support to me and my blog :-)
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