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Back to the Grind Monday

Posted Aug 02 2010 12:00am

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was a good one, but I wish it didn’t end so quickly. On Saturday, I went for a 3 mile run again. That means I have one more 3 mile run and I graduate from the c25k program!! We cleaned up the house and headed to the pool for a couple of hours. Remind me to take my sunglasses off next time because I look like a raccoon! We went to a wedding reception Saturday night and my parents came to spend the night. I had so many compliments this weekend- people noticing my weight loss. It makes me feel good, a little embarrassed, but also encourages me to keep going!

I slept in this morning, I was sleeping so well and it just felt great. It’s still hard to get up on weekdays though!

For breakfast, I had 1 slice of whole wheat toast w/ peanut butter and topped with a medium banana. I also drank 1 cup of 1% milk. This was 6 points.

8210 006

I started the day off with one of these for 1.5 points.

8210 007

I didn’t have any snacks on my first break. But I was able to do laundry, which is awesome to be able to get caught up on throughout the day and not come home to piles of it! I just love working at home.

For lunch I had a chicken salad sandwich on a sandwich thin, topped with light swiss cheese, tomato and lettuce for 6 points. I really loaded that sandwich up- so much I had to eat it with a fork! I also had a whole tomato and cucumbers.

8210 008

I had 1/2 cup of light vanilla yogurt topped with 1/2 cup each of raspberries and blueberries for dessert for 2 points.

8210 009

On my last break, I was wanting something sweet and refreshing, so I had a bomb pop for 1 point.

8210 010

I had planned on grilling hamburgers for supper, but the rain started pouring down right when I was about to go outside. About that time, I smelled the ground beef and it didn’t smell right either. So supper plans were out! Instead, I grilled light swiss and chicken breast on 2 slices of wheat bread w/ butter. This was 6.5 points. I also had 1/2 serving of seasoned potato curls and broccoli for 1.5 points.

8210 011

For dessert, I had a No Pudge! brownie and 1 serving of light ice cream for 5 points.

8210 012

After supper, hubby and I sat in our comfy chairs and got on our laptops for a while. I read through all of your inspiring blogs- thanks! After that, we did a strength workout with the dumbbells. I love how this works my arms but I am wondering if I’m doing something wrong because my elbows get sore. Any suggestions?

My sister called to say that she went into labor!! We’ll have a new little niece soon!!

By the way, everyone should check out Christina’s

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