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Back to the Basics

Posted Jan 09 2010 12:00am

When I started this journey, I spent a lot of time thinking about the basics of weight loss. When I began, a huge focus for me was getting my fruits and veggies in. I remember posting on the WW community boards for ideas to get more fruits and veggies in. I got a response that said, “It’s not that hard to get your fruits and veggies in and I can’t even understand why you would ask this.” While at the time, I was a little hurt and miffed as this person, as this was supposed to be a place to go for help and encouragement (I’ve since found you bloggers MUCH better support than the WW message boards!!), I started to realize that I was making this too hard on myself.

Today, I have no problems getting my fruits and veggies in. I eat them regularly with no questions asked. It’s just part of how I eat now. Are there days where I don’t get them all in? Yes, but they’re rare and far between. Yay for this NSV! While I beat myself up now, thanks to all of your lovely comments to my last post, I have realized that I really have come so far.

But the purpose of this post is to think about the basics again. Before I decided to join WW online and lose this weight, my Dad had given me a copy of Quit Digging your Grave With A Knife and Fork: A 12-stop Program to End Bad Habits and Begin a Healthy Lifestyle written by Mike Huckabee. This book was what really got me started on this journey and was so inspirational to me. I really need to ask Dad if I can borrow it again! But this book about how simple this concept really is.

Huckabee makes the comparison to taking care of your car. You would never think about putting low quality oil in the car, or bad gas, or not even getting the oil changed. You do the best for your car because you want it to last. This really struck home with me and I thought, “Why am I not taking care of my body? Why am I eating things that aren’t good for my body?” This was over a year ago and I feel like I have started to forget the basics of this journey to health.

This was a good reminder to me that I need to start focusing again on what I’m putting into my mouth. More and more fruits and veggies. They’re never going to hurt me! Taking a closer look at food labels to make sure that they’re not laden with unhealthy fats, sugars, or even artificial sweeteners.

It’s a matter of doing the things that are good for your body. Exercise is key and I know I need to be more faithful in this. This would be SO GOOD for my HEART! We often forget about the health of our minds. What kind of thoughts are we allowing there? Positive thinking will help reduce stress and there are so many health benefits to that.

Take care of yourself- Your body can take you a long way!

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