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Back to School: Working Out.

Posted Aug 27 2012 2:09pm

Even though I’m trying to enjoy my last day off, the school year is creeping up on me. I start working at my grad assistantship tomorrow and teaching + class + work the week after.

I’m trying to get myself organized this week in a few different areas: academics & teaching, working out, finances, food and personal stuff. My next few posts are going to be devoted to strategies & plans for getting organized. I’d love your suggestions for what works for you in these areas (and to help keep me accountable in actually working the plan!). 

Here is a picture of my calendar from last week – ahhhhhhhh, happy

Here’s what it looks like when school + work + teaching starts (Didn’t want to show the screenshot in case any creepers come find me in classes):

Monday: work 10-4, class 4-6:45

Tuesday: class 11-12:15, work 12:30-4, class 4-6:45, teaching 7-9:45

Wednesday : teaching 11-12:15, work 12-5 (with advising students in there)

Thursday: work 10-11, class 11-12:15, work 12:30-4, class 4-6:45

Friday: practicum in a school, 7-3pm

One Saturday per month, working as a consultant for a previous job. 

(throw in commuting 45 minutes both ways on Monday-Thursday and a 25ish minute commute on Friday). 

This week’s plan: Workouts

When: I have a good amount of time in the mornings where I could workout – but I’d rather use it to get situated & ready for the day, eat a good breakfast at home, take care of the dog and do any homework I need to. I also think sleep is going to be imperative this term, so I don’t want to wake up any earlier than I have to, which means working out in the morning is out. I take the dog for a 20-30 minute walk every morning, so I’m going to count that as my AM cardio. 

What: I’m going to pack my gym clothes/bag with me for the end of the day. I’ll get home around 7:45-8pm and head to the gym. I’ve been going the past week or so around that time, and it’s relaxing, quiet and serves as a really good “unwinding” from the day. Not to mention it helps me totally zonk out at a normal time, instead of lying in bed, brain wired, thinking about my to-do list. Monday and Friday I’ll be lifting, Tuesday and Thursday I’ll do cardio. I’m debating on signing up for swim lessons at the Y on Wednesdays (love swimming but I need some tutelage on lap swimming, strokes and building endurance) and the weekend will be yoga or more lifting, with a rest day on Sunday. 

How: Accountability! Blogging weekly & posting workouts on my fridge planner and my Moleskine so I see them every day. 

 Why: This summer has been a reminder about priorities for me. I had two checkups of my thyroid and my heart – and both are holding steady at no change. No news is great, great news. The results of the tests were a kick in the pants. I am in school, teaching, working and wedding planning right now, but my priority needs to be my health – not my grades. It doesn’t matter if I have a 3.9 GPA if I’m exhausted, stressed and feel terrible all the time. My focus needs to go from day to day and class to class to bigger picture. I’m planning on using exercise and a healthier lifestyle to help me feel better and keep stress levels to a minimum. 


Next up – food! 

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