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Back to School: Food

Posted Aug 29 2012 8:43am

As I said on Monday, this week is back to school for me. Since this is my second and final fall entering grad school (yipee!), I know what to expect. This means I can plan a little better too.

One of the hardest things for me last year was meal planning & food prep. I used to be really good at it when I was working full time, but while in school I let homework, work, prep & academic work take over my weekends. With no focus on food preparation, breakfast became Dunkin’ Donuts coffee + egg sandwiches on the drive to school and dinner was sandwiches or whatever I could find in the fridge. There wasn’t any planning or preparation – which clearly leads to failing! 

With some inspiration from other super busy friends, meal planning and prep is one habit I’m aiming to get back to. 

This week’s plan: Food

Why: As I talked about earlier, eating better translates to feeling better. I have more energy and am less tired, my skin is clearer and my medication seems to work more effectively without a lot of processed foods, sugar and caffeine. I also feel less stressed when I have a plan as to what I’m eating and cooking for the day/week – especially when I get home at 8:30pm, ready to pass out. 

When: Luckily, I can eat most of my breakfasts at home this term. I’ll prep overnight meals or make smoothies in the morning so I don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about what to make. Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays I need to have lunches, snacks and dinners at school. Wednesdays & Fridays I need to have lunches and snacks (dinner is at home). This means lunches need to be portable and easy. (I do have access to a fridge and microwave Monday, Tuesday and Thursday). 

How:  Friday evenings I’ll spend planning my meals for the following week. I will grocery shop on Sunday mornings (STICKING TO THE LIST & BUDGET <- my worst offense). Sunday afternoon will be spent prepping foods for the week in batches so I can take them for lunch, snacks and dinner. I’ll probably need to cook again on Wednesday evening, as that seems to be the day when I’ve exhausted my stock. This also seems to be when we run out of tupperware – must get more! 

Note – Doug and I will cook/prep separately for 90% of meals this fall because a) he’s been really good on his diet while I cannot eat omelets for every meal without wanting to hurl and b) we’ll only have 2 meals during the week and most of the weekend to eat together. Sad face. 

What: I’ve already started compiling a list/folder of potential meals for the weeks ahead. I want to have things at the ready so that I don’t have to spend a lot of time going through cookbooks, recipes or blogs, trying to find ideas. I tend to suffer from lack of inspiration when it comes to lunches and usually end up making sandwiches (easy & portable). 

Who: You! Link up or post about your favorite to-go lunches/meals and I will love you forever (and post/make your lunches soon!) :)  


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