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Back on the wagon...

Posted Nov 12 2011 8:14am
Hey Bloggers. Seems like I took a really LONG break when looking back at my last post. At least 3 weeks I have been out and not doing shit I am assuming and that costed me like a 6 lb GAIN! Thats crazy and just unacceptable! Between getting anxious, then halloween candy lingering around and just recently coming down with a bad cold both me and Zak, I just let it go....UNTIL this morning! I am not going to accept that weight gain nor will I allow that number to climb even more. I need to tackle it asap and keep this journey going and alive.

So basically hello once again and here we go.  Isnt this the life regarding weight though! It never fails. It will always be a rollercoaster ride thats for sure. And if you ever find yourself thinking it wont be..THINK AGAIN!

Anyways, there isnt a better time to get back on as I just bought tickets for the upcoming HEDLEY show thats coming to town. I am so excited cause I apparently got the best seats in the house to see my boys again. With the last transformation they helped me get through that year I tell ya. Their songs really kept me going and now that they are coming back here on March 14th, I went out and got their new CD and am ready to keep it going until then. At least give it my best shot anyways! Lets hope they help bring out that crazy warrior that I used to be.

I am just sick of being sick and tired you know? Tired of being not incontrol! WTF is wrong with me/us? Why cant we just grasp it already? Get that strength in us and get it over with reach our goal and move on from there. I am finding it hard to even keep it going this time around I cant even think about keeping it off...shit i have to get there first again. LOL

Anyways as you have probably have noticed I posted my actual weight this morning on here..took off all the different weigh ins (2 of them LOL) I had because I just decided to start fresh from here giving you all the actual information from start to finish so its easier for you all to see where I am and where I have been. Here we go.
Also I have decided to make this my only weight loss check in. Basically I am trying to save money so decided to quit weight watchers, still use their points and do my own weigh in right HERE each and every week! I will even self make my own stickers/stamps medals of victory as I go along if I need to! No Biggy!
Well see you back here next Saturday morning!

Talk soon
Need to go watch Hedley now..a repeat on Much Music...whatever gets me motivated to give it all I got right?
Rosy ;)
Here is a preview of their new CD...cheers!

Remember this pic? Hoping to have a new and updated one in 123 days!! March 14 2012
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