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Back on the horse

Posted Jul 31 2008 5:47am 3 Comments
Ah i went on vacation and gainged it all back but as soon as i got home i got right back on the horse and lost 4 lbs in the first 4 days back... i gotta be more careful on vacation... less dessert more seafood and low fat choices but still delicious! I have another v-ball tournement this sunday so hopefully that'll jumpstart my weight loss again...especiallt in the heat... gotta keep hydrated tho... Hmmmm its a long way to those skinny jeans : (
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Hi Marissa,

Just visualize yourself in those skinny jeans. Think how it will feel to put them on, have them fit and zip them up and, most importantly, admire yourself in the mirror wearing them!! WOO HOO!


yea you can do it !!!
But it's not as far to the skinny jeans as it was. Hang in there. You can do it!!
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