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Avoid Empty Calories and Fast Food for Healthy Habits in the New Year

Posted Dec 24 2011 9:36am

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Another winter season means another struggle to keep trim. It’s the never-ending question: how do I stay fit during the holidays and into the New Year?

The answer: develop healthy habits.

You can take as much advice from friends and read all the tips in magazines about how to lose weight. However, the best way to stay healthy, and not only over the holidays is to develop healthy habits.

The bad news: it’s hard. You can’t sugar coat the process of converting to a healthy lifestyle. It’s hard work to develop healthy habits. And there are no shortcuts you can take.

TED talk earlier this year.

For a healthier lifestyle, try something new for 30 days. See if it sticks. However, be vigilant: commit to making the change for one month. If you can do it, you’ve got a new healthy habit.

So what’s the payoff? In the end, the benefits you get from a healthy lifestyle are addicting. You’ll love the way you feel when you’re living healthy. You won’t want to go back to being unhealthy. You’ll be happier, healthier and it will be easy to stay that way, once you’ve developed those healthy habits.

Take the plunge into a healthy lifestyle in 2012: here’s how you can do it.

Alternatives to Empty Calories

So you’re in the habit of ordering a Starbucks White Chocolate Frappuccino with whipped cream. Instead, in 2012, try drinking tea at work for 30 days. Whether it’s hot or cold, you’re still getting the caffeine and a tasty drink. Plus, it will save your waistline and your wallet. If the habit sticks, then you’ve won. However, remember: it won’t be easy. The temptation of Starbucks will lure you in. Resist it by remembering your goal: develop good habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Alternatives to Fast Food

That fast food addiction should be the first thing to go in 2012. Though a Burger King Triple Whopper might taste great going down, your waistline is hurting from it. Kick the habit by bringing your own lunch from home for 30 days: see if your new habit sticks. If after 30 days, you’re still craving, find the best fast food nutrition   by comparing menu items side-by-side. There are healthy alternatives atfast-food restaurants,  and the key to a new lifestyle in 2012 is developing the healthyhabits. .

You can start developing healthy habits any time you want. Just commit to 30 days and see if it sticks.

Brandon Coakley is a recent graduate of UC Santa Barbara, and a business development manager at FindTheBest Health, which helps users find their best health options on everything from the Best Nursing Homes to Mammography Facilities .  


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