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Attitude... it truly is everything.

Posted Jun 01 2011 6:30pm
I've been going insane over what my first blog of this comp would be about.  I wanted to imagine it as a new start, a new chapter, however you want to look at it.  I thought it would reflect some great epiphany where I remind myself that where I've come from, where I've been... none of that matters unless I know where I am going. 
Today my mother-in-law hit a new chapter in her struggles with pancreatic cancer.  She is now "officially" stage IV thanks to [inevitable] metastisis.  Which brings me to my point. 
Are you living? Or dying?  Marilyn is absolutely going to die.  BUT.. SO ARE YOU!  Attitude is everything.  So here we sit.  We all have an inevitable fate... and we make choices that can contribute to when/where/how... but reality is.. we can only choose how we liveWe do not choose how we dieMarilyn, my mother-in-law, one of the most amazing women on the planet: SHE IS LIVING!  And her every breath challenges me to LIVE!!!  To breath!!  To enjoy every moment life has to offer. To live until the moment I die. This competition represents a new me.  I lost the old me when I realized that life has no guarantees.  I changed... became someone else.   I stopped LIVING.. and started resenting life.So my new chapter begins.  Today... I will live the way I hope my children will live.  I will adopt habits that make me feel better about me.  I will do things that make waking up every morning worth the hassle.  I'm DONE feeling mediocre... I'm DONE living life like it's something owed to me.  I'm READY to be EXCEPTIONAL and to take advantage of this gift.   Don't get caught up in that theory that "life is too short to skip on dessert".  Dessert never made you feel any better about who you are.  It never brought you to accomplish some great task.  It never taught you how powerful and strong you are... all it ever did [for me] is make me feel powerless, bloated, and inferior.  The idea that nothing tastes as good as thin feels is TOTAL CRAP!!  But I guarantee NOTHING tastes as good as you feel when YOU are in control of you!!  I'm taking back control!  Watch out world. 
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