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Atkins The Diet where Things Happens

Posted Mar 05 2009 5:16am 1 Comment

Appetite suppression is one of the most common effects of the Atkins Diet program. In fact, followers of this miraculous diet have been astonished to find that their appetite diminished to a considerable degree when following the Atkins regimen. The familiar hunger pangs between meals that used to plague dieters are almost non-existent in an Atkins diet program. With this attribute alone, it makes it easy on the dieters to stay on the program. The synergistic effects achieved from the combination of food of the Atkins diet, is probably responsible for the appetite suppression effects experienced by many dieters.

Free Atkins Recipes

Atkins diet uses group of protein in its program. Protein has more pleasing power than carbohydrates in satisfying hunger. Probably you have skilled splurging on a high carbohydrate meal, only to feel hungry a few moments later. Carbohydrates have less pleasing power than proteins and this is the reason why Atkins dieters who stay on a high protein diet are less likely to experience hunger pangs.

Do you know that eggs are great for suppressing appetite? Eggs are used broadly in the Atkins diet program as an excellent source of protein. Recent studies show that eating eggs for breakfast actually gives you the ability to avoid hunger pangs throughout the day. In the study, one group had eggs for breakfast while one group had bagels and cream cheese. Interestingly, the calorie count for both meals is the same. Participants are needed to keep track of what they ate throughout out the day and the level of hunger they feel during the tests. Amazingly, the results of this study indicate that those who were on eggs for breakfast ate less during the day than those who were on bagel. Those who had eggs for breakfast were less likely to splurge during each intermittent meal.

Protein Power diets

The most popular vegetable to be used in the Atkins diet program is the broccoli and cauliflower. These vegetables also possess appetite suppressing effects. In addition to being bulky, which makes them ideal for a weight loss program, it makes the tummy feels full that will in turn trigger a signal in your rain that releases certain chemical that will dramatically reduce appetite.

Every time your stomach feels full, your body will reduce its appetite. Regardless of the nature of the contents you use to fill up your belly that creates the feeling of fullness, your body will react by sending messages to your brain signaling that it is full. Therefore you can shun hunger pangs during your weight loss program. If vegetables are not your cup of tea, you can create similar effects with psyllium husk and water.

The key to huge meal three times a day, spread the calorie intake to a few smaller portion. This will help your brain free essential hormones and signals to urn off fat effectively. Spreading your meals also helps to balance the sugar in the blood. On a high carbohydrate diet, you will cause the sugar levels to soar every time a meal is consumed . This feeling of fullness lasts only for a few hours and then you are back to your original hungry feeling again.

With the Atkins diet, you get only what your body wants with every meal. With the correct protein, and vegetable diet, your body gets the quick energy it needs from the vegetables, while protein helps to balance the blood sugar level throughout the day, so you will be spared from hunger pangs during this diet program. The Atkins diet is a wonderful appetite craving solution that gives you what your body needs without robbing it off its essential energy.

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