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Atkins Diet Weight loss Challenge- Day 11

Posted Feb 11 2013 11:50pm

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are sticking to the plan. I will be weighing in monthly from this point. So my next weigh in will be at the end of February. I wanted to share my low carb shopping list with you all today so I made a video of my food haul at Aldi’s.

Here is the video:

Today I received this message and it really was so helpful to me that I am re-posting it here –
Jay, congrats on starting a journey that WILL change your life. I don’t know a single person that hasn’t gone low-carb who hasn’t had their eyes opened.

You will see results in inches before you see results on the scale. Stick at it!

I started low-carb last year at the start of June. Lost ~25kg (which is around 50lbs), put about 5kgs (10 lbs) on over the holidays but I’ve dropped half of it in 2 weeks or so.

Here’s a little advice, things I’ve learned over the past months.

1)Avoid processed foods. This means Atkins products, packet mixes, etc etc. For the most part these are permissable in terms of carb content, but the ingredients aren’t necessarily good for you. Consider them ‘treats’ or ‘sometimes’ foods.

2)Avoid sugar alcohols during induction. (with the exception of erythritol). There are tons of posts of people who have been booted outta ketosis by malitol which is in sugar free chocolate. best to avoid sweeteners etc during induction. It’ll also help to break the sweet habits we got into in the first place. Stevia seems to be ok, but really try to avoid all sugars. Believe me, you’ll appreciate them all the more when you splurge out later when you’re in OWL and beyond.

3. Flax Meal is your friend. MIMs are awesome. Make sure to get a low net carb flax meal, and not a low fat flax meal.

4.supplements… of the nutty kind. You shouldn’t be eating nuts on induction. When you get to OWL, you should make sure you snack on the right nuts: macadamias, brazil, pecans and pepitas (ok that last one is a seed).

5.ALA – also known as Alpha Lipoic Acid is your friend. It serves a multitude of functions, but the important ones here are: it kicks you into ketosis faster, and keeps you there. I use it intermittently. It also helps with metabolic syndrome where your body is insulin sensitive etc etc. It basically stabilised your blood sugar and should help with plateaus/stalls. Get R-ALA (or NA-R-ALA) if you can, it is a better formulation.

6. Mayonaise is your friend. Make sure you find one with a low carb content, which means no or little added sugar. Preferably one with good oils (best you’re likely to find is sunflower, or vegetable oil which is usually a mixter of canola, sunflower and soy). Avoid soy oil if you can, but it should be ok if you are consuming other oils as well. You can also make your own mayo. I buy Best Food mayo.

7. if you are hungry EAT. that’s what celery, dill picked cucumbers, cold cut meat, cheese and pure cream are for. EAT EAT EAT.

Wishing you the best Jay! Going low carb was the best thing I ever did. I’m sure it will be for you too.

PS. Identify that food you craaaave (chocolate, icecream, whatever) and buy a low-carb version for a treat. Don’t let the craving pull you outta the diet. For me it was chocolate, I used to eat bars of ‘Well Naturally…’ stevia and erythritol sweetened dark choc. Still lost weight while doing it (it’s a great sourceof fats and fibre).

Good luck.
Thank you Ell for posting that incredibly helpful message.

See you all tomorrow. Jay

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