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Atkins Diet: Most Weight Loss

Posted by AregM

A randomized trial has compared Atkins, Zone Diet, Ornish, and LEARN. Over a period of 12 months weight loss on Atkins was significantly greater than the other three diets. Those using Atkins also "experienced more favorable overall metabolic effects". This study has hit all media outlets like a storm. To those who currently follow the Atkins diet it will come as no surprise. Those who have completely bagged Atkins will be forced to do some soul-searching and/or a very critical analysis of the trial. ....Continued on
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Ugh......PLEASE read my posting on low carbohydrate diets..immediately.

A lifestyle change is needed in order to take and keep off the weight. I ear carb's only the healthy ones.  I have lost over 80 pounds now.

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I did Atkins for a yr but then gain it back because my doc didn't want me to do it long term. Now I do Weight Watchers and it  has been working great I can still eat what I want but a lot less of it. It's learning to make good and bad choices and not over eating which I did a lot of . It's a lifestyle change for me and I will have to follow these changes the rest of my life if I want to stay fit and healthy . Long hard battle that I am determined to beat .
Congrads on your weight loss Jill . That's awesome .

There is more to life than just losing weight.

Low carb diets are not sustainable long term.  There is a REASON why we crave carbs.  A diet high in carbs, low in fat is healthiest.  A diet high in fruits (which have a high carb ratio) and greens is what is important.

Emotional eating, bingeing, exercise, fresh air, sunlight, healthy relationships are all factors that should be considered in a healthy lifestyle to prevent weight being an issue.  Weight is only one part of the bigger picture afterall.  Those who have struggled with overeating only know the truth to that last part!

I already lost 45 pounds doing Atkins and have 13 pounds to go.    I really love Atkins, I eat more veggies now than in the past and have a lot of energy,,

Twelve years ago I lost 28 pounds on Atkins and kept it off easily for 3 years.  Then, a combination of events took place: Hysterectomy, Thyroidectomy and a too-low dosage of Synthroid, along with a long trip to Italy where the only thing we ate was pizza and pasta.  After that, my carb cravings went wild and I gained all the weight back times two.  This would happen with any diet if we return to our old eating habits.

Since Atkins was getting such a 'bad rap', I tried every other diet scheme I could find, including Weight Watchers.  Nothing worked, nothing was sustainable.  I simply could not exercise enough, or eat little enough, to lose.  Finally, two weeks ago, I went back to Atkins and the weight is dropping off like magic.  Dr. Atkins was a saint and a genius and he's finally being vindicated!

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