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Ask Roni - Exercise Weight Gain

Posted Aug 24 2008 6:16pm

I notice as I look at your weight progress that, if I am not mistaken, you didn't gain ever. You consistently lost at weigh my question would be during your time on plan, did you excercise? I had a 3 pound gain the first week I started excercising and my leader told me about muscles holding water..(which has no consolation somehow)..did you not have this issue ever or has excercising been something that you have started after your loss? Thanks so much...honestly, your site keeps me picking myself back up when I fall!


Great question and I think your leader is right. Did you see my recent post on exercise? It gives you my complete workout history .

But long story short I did NOT workout while I was losing and now that I am hitting the gym hard I am experience exactly what she is talking about. My trainer confirmed that it is true. I know it isn't a consolation but it should be. You are doing wonders for yourself! I think we both have to learn that the scale is not the only way to measure success. The fact that you staying on plan and started a exercise routine is FABULOUS! Don't let that scale tell you otherwise!!!

Keep it up and that scale will catch up, or better yet... your clothes will!


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