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As Seen On TV

Posted Jul 23 2013 8:27pm

Finally, I purchased the Perfect Tortilla pan. I’ve been wanting to get it but wasn’t sure if I wanted to invest in it. I made a trip to Kroger and found it on sale along with the Natural Cut For Perfect Fries. Honestly, I really wanted the Perfect Fries cutter so that I could make sweet potato fries.


Luckily, I only had to spend a few bucks to give them a try.


I needed to make a burger recipe so I decided to give the Natural Cut Fries a try to go along with them. It had a warning over the blade stating that it was very sharp. Also, keep in mind sweet potatoes is one of the foods listed on the box. I put my sweet potato in the press and pushed down. Quickly I realized that it was going to take more then a light push…

I used every muscle in my upper body  to press the sweet potato fries through and…nada. Finally I put the press on the floor and used my ENTIRE body weight and….NADA. :(            I posted the above picture on Facebook and someone mentioned boiling the sweet potatoes before I used the press. It’s a little disappointing knowing that I have to do that before I’m able to make the fries but I’ll give it a try and see what happens.


Next I moved on to an apple to see if it would go through and it easily went through. So if nothing else, I’ll use it to cut apples for Amiyah. It makes cutting them a little easier! :)


After the disaster with the Natural Fries press I wasn’t too excited about trying the Perfect Tortilla pan. People posted on Facebook that, the tortilla pan worked great! Finally I decided to give it a try and I used it as a salad bowl. It was a SUCCESS!! I made a salad topped with salmon, strawberries, blueberries, pecans, feta and Zoe’s Kitchen salad dressing. YUM!! I really liked the crunch of the bowl. I’m excited to make other things with it.

Have you tried either of these? What was your experience with them?

XO Selena
“Let Go And Look Good”

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