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As Goes Your Sense of Self-Esteem, So Goes Your Motivation for Losing Weight

Posted Apr 11 2012 5:00am

Here you are going along feeling pretty good about yourself when all of a sudden you flub up your good dieting. What happens to your sense of self-esteem? Does it take a precipitous dip? Does it cruise along as usual? Does it take a small nosedive and then recover?

When your self-esteem desserts you, are you still motivated to lose weight?

Fluctuations in your self-esteem are a foregone conclusion when you are trying to lose excess weight. Is there anything you can do about these fluctuations so that you can hold on to your level of self-esteem? 

It seems that taking the longer, more abstract view of yourself and your abilities in regard to losing unwanted weight will give you an advantage over judging yourself more concretely by the situation at hand. If you are less likely to evaluate yourself based on the flub up, then you get to hang on to your sense of self-worth without the dip or the nosedive.

Makes good sense, doesn’t it. Give it a try. Take the long view.


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