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Art Art Art All Around…

Posted May 20 2013 10:06pm

This weekend in Northeast Minneapolis, every year, there is the country’s largest Art Crawl! Hundreds of galleries and artist’s studios are open to the public. It is a huge deal and fills the streets with people and art, great music and the yummiest of foods! We always like to do at least a LITTLE something for the event.

This year on Friday evening- we met The Boy and His Friend at the Thorpe Building and walked around and checked out the art. It was soo cool to visit all the different studios with the guys… they were so interested in the whole thing. They kept saying things like “Yo dude this is sooo TIGHT! How Sweet! All this Art and we’re here on a Friday night!” LOL Seriously- awesome!

We are so blessed to have teenagers who actually want to spend time with us and think we are ok to hang out with at something as “cool” as an art crawl! My Guy and I enjoyed every minute of their company- from their expressions and excitement to their gratitude for dinner and the little magnet by the above artist.

When it was time to go- (My knees were literally killing me!) We walked to the bus stop. The Fellas were going to go downtown for a little while- before heading back to the suburbs where they live. Then they heard the live music from a local brewery (ANOTHER thing Northeast Minneapolis is becoming “famous” for- it’s local breweries!) and they wanted to check it out. So they walked up there and we watched them go.

It is so cool to see them becoming young men and making their own adventures. They were excited to be able to say they walked around in “Nord’east” at the Art Crawl then listened to live music on a Friday night. They will definitely be the cool kids come Monday AM. I can see in My Guy his pride at the young man his son is becoming- and I can see the fear for his safety and his growing up. It is the best thing to see how much your husband loves his children. Seriously! It’s a little easier for me to “let go” because I never had them as “Littles” to hold onto- and all my years of working with teens- has prepared me for them growing into grown up people who make their way. I think between us both, and their mother- they will have a good chance of getting the freedom they need but having the safety net back here just in case. :)

What a fun night. Then on Saturday I got to do quite a bit of art myself (I figured the art vibe was strong and would help facilitate the work- it was true!) and Sunday The Girl came down and she and My Guy spent their afternoon cruising about 3 different studio warehouses and enjoying their father-daughter time together- while I finished my second piece of the weekend.


What a totally cool way to spend the weekend!

You can see more about the art crawl here ->

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