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Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng Review

Posted May 20 2009 9:12am

Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng Pic

I am a strong proponent of only drinking water. Juice is a no-no and soda is an absolute sin. Want to lose weight and be healthy? Then don’t consume any liquid besides water, Period, no if’s and or buts. Stop being a pansy and accept the fact that water is Nature’s most perfect beverage. After water whole fruits are an excellent source of liquid nourishment. But if you simply can not resist and must consume beverages other than water I have a few alternatives I can suggest. Maybe this can be a good way to ween off the naughty drinks such as soda, carbohydrate loaded, sugar filled, non-nourishing juices or heaven forbid you are addicted to those demonic energy drinks! Take a walk on the healthy side with me as your guide.

In my never dying quest to uncover the world’s most perfect beverage I have come upon a very interesting product. I am referring to Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng. Arizona has hit it out the ballpark with extremely refreshing tea drink. I love the fact that the product contains Green Tea which is a tremendous anti oxidant and immunity booster. Ginseng being an ingredient is a bonus but I not convinced that its presence isn’t merely in trace amounts. Nevertheless it is a nice touch. Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng delivers 25% of your daily intake of Vitamin C, which keeps you going during hard workouts or just a demanding day at the office. All these factors combined with the low sodium profile of this drink, 20 mg or 1% of your daily value, make Arizona’s newest concoction a winner.

On a warm day or after a workout it is unbelievably invigorating without the drag or let down of more sugary drinks. Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng actually contains about one gram of sugar per 8 ounce serving. Honey is used as a natural sweetener a truly great move. But alas all is not perfect, a closer look at the label reveals that Splenda, the sugar substitute, is utilized as well inn lieu of real sugar. I am not a proponent of Splenda and aim personally wary of the long term effects of man made sugar substitutes.

But if your looking for a zero calorie refresher Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng is your beverage.

Drink Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng three times a day, once at 11:00am followed by a post lunch serving at 2:00pm and finally an after dinner serving at 6:30pm.

Taste Great
Contains Green Tea
Zero Calories, Zero Fat
Low in Sodium
Delivers 25% of you Vitamin C

Utilizes Splenda

This is an article from's Healthy Weight Loss and Fitness Blog.

Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng Review

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