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Are You Dying to Lose Some Weight? Here’s One Way You Can Do It.

Posted Mar 11 2011 7:11am

Here you are just dying to lose excess weight. You believe this time you’re really ready to do it. OK. Sounds like a plan. But it’s not a plan. It’s still—well, it’s still a wish. A big wish. A worthwhile wish, nonetheless. It may be the kind of desire that makes you motivated to lose weight, and it will take you through to your weight-loss goal.

Now don’t think this is crazy, but what about making sure? What about taking a trial run and see if you’re right that you do have what it takes this time? What’s a trial run? Silly. It’s when you try it out. You try it out as if you are really doing it. But you tell yourself, “this is just a trial run”. Duh.

But wait. What good is a trial run if you find out you don’t have what it takes. Ahhh. Now you’re talking. That’s the beauty of a trial run. You can find out that you don’t have what it takes—and then you can see what you need to do about it. Discovery learning. Learning from your mistakes. All good.

The most important thing you have to do on the trial run (and you don’t only have to have one trial run) is to keep your eyes open. See what there is for you to do to have successful weight loss. See what you’ll have to work on to make permanent weight loss a reality.

Now back to wishing and wanting and believing. The trial run is what puts “teeth” into your intention to lose unwanted weight this time around. And everyone knows that things that are hard to swallow are made much easier because you have teeth.


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