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Posted May 31 2013 10:00am

internet-addiction Are you addicted to the internet ?  I had the pleasure of not only one of the BEST vacations I’ve ever had, but I also realized many, many AHA moments during my stay on Treasure Beach , Utlia, Honduras.  One of them…My internet addiction.

We live in such an info overloaded society that I think we don’t even realize how dependent and addicted to internet, TV and our Smart Phones we have become.

Cant Put it down…

How many people do you know and maybe you’re one of them, that can’t even put their phone down during a meal or while talking to someone?? I’ve done it.  What’s so important that it can’t wait for 20-30 minutes?  NOTHING!


I left on my trip, I knew I would be without TV (not a big deal to me) and even my phone ( didn’t get the international add on), but I was ok with that, because I thought I was going to have Internet.  I did plan on un-plugging to a certain extent, but like any addict I felt comforted to think that I would still have limited access.

Well, the universe had other plans for me and you know what?  I’m very grateful it did.   info overload Being without my lifeline to the cyber-world made me realize the following things.

What one can realize sans the internet on an island in the caribbean…

  • I was addicted to having access to info at any time or place.
  • I was used to allowing myself to be sucked into the Social media time trap.
  • I was addicted to checking my e-mail and re-sponding immediately.
  • I was never really present as much as I thought.

Do any of those realizations ring a bell?  Bottom line, this stuff not only affects our quality of life, but there’s also a direct relationship to our health and well-being.  And that’s my main purpose for sharing my story.


Vacation and during my re-integration to reality this week I’ve made myself a promise and along with that I pose a challenge to you which is to:

Unplug one day per week for 30 days.

I’m picking Sunday.  What day will you pick?  Let us know in the comment section below.  You’ve got nothing to lose and only emotional re-connection with those most important to you and some peace and quiet to do the things you love to gain.


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